lookup server name by ip address

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Linux traditional network configuration commands and ip advanced routing commands

Linux traditional network configuration command and ip advanced routing command-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information, the following is a detailed description. Knowing how to configure network commands is a must-have

Packet tracer 5.2 Lab (12) configuration of the standard IP Address Access Control List

I. Lab Objectives Understand the principles and functions of the standard IP Address Access Control List; Measure the test taker's knowledge about how to configure the serial number of the standard IP Address Access Control List; Ii.

Slow-DNS-lookup problem: ipv6-dns-lookup is enabled by default so that you have to wait for timeout

@ Zheng yu Summary   I. symptom: Java httpclient initiates an HTTP request to the WebService interface under the x××× open. x××. com domain name from the master station data center, which is extremely slow. Troubleshooting: 1.1. wget test

IP Rule Command

Linux advanced routing, a policy-based route that is more powerful and flexible than traditional routing, can not only forward paths based on destination addresses but also select routing forwarding paths based on message size, application, or IP

TCP/IP protocol analysis (recommended)

One; prefaceThe people who have learned the TCP/IP protocol have a feeling, this thing is too abstract, there is no data instance, after reading soon forget. This article will introduce an intuitive learning method, using the Protocol analysis tool

How do I use a host name to look up an IP address?

The inetaddress class can be used to perform Domain Name Server (DNS) lookups. for example, you can call the static inetaddress. getbyname ("www.teamcakes.com") to retrieve an inetaddress object for 'www .teamcakes.com '. this object woshould

Domain name/IP anti-resolution

Today, with the proliferation of spam, spam has brought great harm to our life, work, and study. Due to the lack of an effective sending authentication mechanism between SMTP servers, even if spam recognition blocking technology is adopted, in

How to solve the connection problem in SQL Server 2000 (from msdn)

How to solve the connection problem in SQL Server 2000 Applicable Important: This article contains information about modifying the registry. Before modifying the registry, you must back up the registry and know how to restore the Registry in case of

How to troubleshoot connection problems in SQL Server 2000

server| Resolution | How the problem resolves connection problems in SQL Server 2000 apply to important notes: This article contains information about modifying the registry. Be sure to back up the registry before you modify the registry, and be

TCP wrappers Firewall introduction and blocking IP Address method _ server Other

Tcp_wrappers is a software used to analyze TCP/IP packets, similar IP packet software and iptables,linux installed this software by default, as a secure system, Linux itself has two layers of security firewall, Through the IP filtering mechanism of

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