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PHP Compression and archive extension summary php extension MONGO php extensions PHP extension pthread

Summary of PHP compression and archive extensions To open the PHP user manual, we can see the following library of functions for processing compressed files, Bzip2,lzf,phar,rar,zip,zlib So what are the actual application scenarios for each of these,

Zstandard: A new lossless compression algorithm

Zstandard(abbreviated as ZSTD) is a new lossless compression algorithm designed to provide fast compression and achieve high compression ratios. It is neither likeLZMAand theZPAQthat pursuit of the highest possible compression ratio, is not

The stupidest way to solve the error "Java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError:no Snappyjava in Java.library.path" using snappy compression

Previously wrote an article: http://blog.csdn.net/stark_summer/article/details/47361603, that time the Linux environment Spark use snappy way compression is not good, And today my colleague Hive on Hadoop uses snappy compression method also reported

Google's snappy Compression Algorithm

In many cases, we need to compress a large amount of data quickly, and make a balance between disk Io and CPU so thatProgramIt runs faster. Snappy is such a fast data compressionAlgorithm. For a single core i7 processor (64-Bit mode), the processing

Deep analysis of Redis RDB persistence mechanism _ Analysis

This article from the @ where the fun technology Pesiwang classmate contribution to share, Redis Rdb file persistence of the internal implementation of the source code analysis. This article analyzes the source code based on Redis 2.4.7 stable

Redis persistence mechanism

"Rdb vs aof two persistence modes, implementation principle" "RDB mode" fork a process, traverse hash table, and use copy on write to save the entire db dump. Save, shutdown, slave command will trigger this operation. Particle size ratio is large,

Master-slave replication configuration for redis

Master-slave replication configuration for redisI. Principles Redis's master-slave replication function is very powerful. One master can have multiple slave instances, and one slave can have multiple slave instances. In this way, a powerful

Micro-Architecture Design: micro-blogging counter Design

@cyduSource:Http://qing.weibo.com/1639780001/61bd0ea133002460.htmlHttp://qing.weibo.com/1639780001/61bd0ea1330025sq.htmlbackground:Every tweet and commentary behind is a string of endless stories, but today is mainly aboutCounting Service, the Count

Redis detailed and common problems solutions

About RedisRedis is a key-value storage system. Similar to memcached, it supports storing more value types, including string (string), list (linked list), set (set), Zset (SortedSet-ordered collection), and hash (hash type). These data types support

Spark1.0.0 attribute Configuration

1: spark1.0.0 attribute configuration method The spark attribute provides control items for most applications and can be configured for each application separately. Spark1.0.0 provides three methods of attribute Configuration: Sparkconf Mode

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