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How to enable 1.3 mpu6050 (Large End) and M4 FPU

How to enable 1.3 mpu6050 (Large End) and M4 FPU Original article. You are welcome to repost it. For reposted content, please indicate the source. The most recent time is the I2C of stm32. I know that the I2C of stm32 is not easy to use, because I

Detailed description of Gnu AutoMake/Autoconf compilation configuration

Everyone who has used open-source C/C ++ projects knows that the standard compilation process has become a simple trilogy: configure/make install, which is very convenient to use, unlike writing code by yourself, you need to write a bunch of

[Reprint] Use automake and Autoconf to generate makefile

Use automake and Autoconf to generate makefile People who have written programs on UNIX, especially those who use C to develop programs, generally encounter makefile. It is really convenient to use make to develop and compile programs, however,

GDB series of one by one GDB session example

 Translation: shyboysby.spaces.live.comThis translation complies with the GPL. See:GDB is free software, protected by the GNU General Public License (GPL). The GPL givesFreedom to copy or adapt a licensed program-but every person getting a copy

Sendmail Study Notes Ver1.0

Sendmail Study Notes Ver1.0 -- Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. For more information, see below. Sendmail Study Notes Ver 1.0 Completion Time: 2004-3-30 Author: Jims Http://www.ringkee.com Notes: you are welcome to

Part 2: automake standard engineering organization

++ The second part is the standard engineering organization of automake: ++I. Overall directory:Generally, the following directories and files are created by yourself (see figure 2) or automatically generated using acmkdir:1. directory:(1)

How to compile an independent PHP extension)

How to compile an independent PHP extension this article translated from the README.SELF-CONTAINED-EXTENSIONS in the PHP source code. The content marked as note is added by yourself. The content is a little old and cool, and I didn't talk about any

Automatically generate makefile

Use autotools to create makefile simple instance Parsing Creating makefile manually is a laborious and error-prone task for a large project. Autotools tools can generate makefile easily by entering a simple target file, dependency file, and file

Automake Construction Project Engineering Example explanation

Automake Construction Project Engineering example explanationCategory: Automake 2011-02-24 21:18 952 People read review (0) Favorite Report makefile Tool script Ubuntu Linux CGI Construction of Automake environment "Server Environment" Linux

C Language Preprocessing Command summary

The source code of a C program can include various compilation directives called preprocessing commands. Although they are not actually part of the C language, they extend the context of C programming. This section describes how to apply

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