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Windows 8 (win 8) Touch Screen caused by some bugs: iscroll, Flash Air Mobile project.

A while ago, I had an instant chat on a browser. I used iscroll in the contact box and got it right on the company's machine. Then I couldn't roll it on the Win8 tablet, I suspect it's ie10, So I changed it for a day, but it didn't work very well. I was depressed, and I didn't care about it now. It's okay for others. Later, I got a problem with the Flash Air Mobile project. I clicked with the mouse.ProgramNo response. Drag the program to the

Based on mini2440 resistive touch screen (I): Working Principle of resistive touch screen

principles: vector pressure sensing, resistance, Capacitive, infrared, and surface acoustic. The resistive touch screen is used in many embedded systems. To prevent confusion between the touch screen and the LCD, let's look at a physical figure. This is what we need to know about the 4-wire

New MacBook Air 2015 installation Win8.1 black screen solution

Apple unveiled its new MacBook Air at its launch in the early hours of March 10, a new notebook with a 14nm-process core M processor, with memory up to 8GB and screen resolution up to 2 K levels. Despite the high-end configuration, many people are not as proficient as Windows systems to operate the OS X system that is still niche, and there is not so much software to support the system, so consider installi

New MacBook Air installation Windows8.1 black screen Solution Tutorial

Apple unveiled its new MacBook Air at the spring launch, with its ultra-thin fuselage and new designs that make the fruit powder crazy. I believe many users have now started this device. However, installing Windows for the new MacBook Air is a persistent problem for users who are accustomed to using the Windows operating system. The new MacBook Air does not suppo

MacBook Air black screen workaround

Failure phenomena:1. Sound on Boot2. Rear Logo Light3. Keyboard backlight does not light4. Caps LOCK key is not lit5. Screen black screen, no Apple logoFIX: After resetting the pram, the boot is successful.1. Turn off your Mac.2. Locate the following keys on the keyboard: Command (?), Option, P, and R. You need to hold down these keys at the same time in step 4.3

JS development of multi-touch screen browser

browser or multi-touch trackpad, such as Apple MacBook or Magicpad, I created this magictouch.js fill tool that captures touch events from the trackpad and then converts them into standard-compatible touch events.1. Download the nptuioclient Npapi plugin and install it into the ~/library/internet plug-ins/directory.2. Download the Tongseng Tuio app for this

Touch screen and user experience: impact on the nature of Design

. Website features and interactive interfaces are simplified, buttons become larger, and options are reduced. This can be solved through responsive design. The responsive site design takes into account the display problem of different platforms, so as to achieve a display without losing quality. The advantage is that you only need to design one site, instead of designing another mobile version. The essence of design is different Before designing a webpage, consider the essential difference betwe

What are the Mac touch-board gestures?

For many Mac novice users, many people are not very adaptable, but as long as the use of more, Mac Touch Board is relatively easy to start. And the Mac's trackpad is more powerful, so the mouse can be unwanted. So, what are the Mac trackpad gestures? In order to make it easier for everyone to use

Cocos2d-x 3.6 mac Trial (particle, touch event, picture)

Play saysAlthough the company how, we programmers in the case of extracurricular learning is also to do their job well.The work of Lua also write more, in-depth understanding of cocos2d-x of course, or to Daoteng Daoteng C + +, for a C # for so many years, working with Lua's side dishes, C + + is really not used.Cocos2d-x unknowingly updated to the 3.6 version, is really million people Spit groove, 2d has not done clearly and began to make 3d, touch t

Mac Touch-Control Board gesture Encyclopedia

For users who are accustomed to a laptop Windows operating system, with the Mac Touch Board is relatively easy to use, but the Mac's touch board function is more powerful, so that the mouse can not be needed, in order to more easily let everyone use Macs, the following is the Mac t

How to extend your Mac to a larger screen

With the new Mac Mini and Apple TV with the HDMI interface, we can connect it to a flat-screen TV with a 1920*1080 resolution display. With wireless mouse keyboard/remote control can be easy to surf the internet and watch video. But the other Mac does not provide HDMI interface, what is the good? This article describes a way to comfortably display a

Java Analog Touch screen version of QQ space upload pictures

Analog touch screen version of QQ space upload picture problem.The first step: upload pictures.Http:// "Image of Base64 Encoding" base64:1hd_height:480 "picture height" hd_width:320 "picture width" hd_quality:96 "picture quality, as if only 7096, the number is high quality" Output_type:jsonpreupload:1charset:utf-8output_charset:utf-8logintype:s

Former Apple engineer develops apps to turn ipad into second screen on Mac

Apple's former engineer, Lahar Devan Rahul Dewan, developed a new application called Duet display. With this app, you just need to use its specially crafted charging cable to connect your ipad and Mac notebook to another display on your Apple computer.Devin has worked at Apple for three years as an ipad and imac engineer. He said to BI: "The second monitor can increase productivity by up to 48%." If you have an ipad, you actually have a second compute

Installing the Windows 8 experience on a Mac: poor support for the retina screen

, create a user account, and the hardest part is done. When the Start screen appears, insert the external hard drive that contains the Windows support file, open it, and run Setup.exe. (Figure: Install the boot camp support software.) ) There is no problem with the Boot camp installation-you just accept all the set defaults and wait on the line, it installs all of Apple's driver software and Apple Software Update (Apple software updates), and when

Quick Lock Screen Capriccio under Mac OSX

the screen is still the previous desktop information, does not lock the screen, we have to work aroundThe content such as:Check "Enter your password immediately after going to sleep or start screen saver", of course this is also optional, as follows:Feel 5 seconds should be more suitable, you lock the screen, 5 second

Various methods of MAC lock screen

, how to trigger the script to run too much trouble, did not continue to try Another command under OS X 10.9 is mentioned in Http:// pmset displaysleepnow The pro-test is available and is a lock screen, but the problem of triggering trouble cannot be solvedWith AlfredAlfred this artifact b

MAC OS X System lock screen two ways to summarize

MAC OS X System lock screen two ways to summarizeThe beautiful Life of the Sun Vulcan ( article follows "Attribution-non-commercial use-consistent" authoring public agreementReprint Please keep this sentence: Sun Vulcan's Beautiful Life-this blog focuses on Agile development and mobile and IoT device research: IOS, Android, HTML5, Arduino, Pcduino , Otherwise, the articl

How to use the Mac split screen function?

IOS 9 System release, the split screen function is one of its highlights, now Mac OS x New system El Capitan10.11 can also achieve split view split screen function, then how the Mac open Split view split screen function? Below PC6 the Apple Net Small compilation teaches ever

How does the Mac lock the screen?

How does the Mac lock the screen? Now, a lot of people are using Mac computers. We all know that the lock screen function can lock the screen when we leave the computer to prevent others from tampering with the computer. For Mac u

How does Mac lock screen?

How does the Mac lock screen? The system's lock screen function can lock the screen when we leave the computer and enter the login interface to prevent others from tampering with the computer. For Mac users, how do we set the Mac

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