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Magento (Community Edition) with module analysis and in the domestic use of recommendations one

This chapter begins by parsing Magento1 's own modules, which are described in different ways depending on the complexity and importance of the module, some using only text, and some with.1.Admin As the literal meaning, the admin module is related

MySQL change table engine InnoDB for MyISAM method summary

The common MySQL table engine has InnoDB and MyISAM, the main difference is that InnoDB is suitable for frequent write database operations, MyISAM suitable for reading the database a little bit more, how to change the table engine InnoDB to MyISAM?

Centos6.x install and configure nginx

Nginx InstallationNginx Official Website: download page: I here using nginx Yum online Installation Wget

centos6.x Installation Configuration Nginx

Nginx InstallationNginx official website: download page: I use the nginx yum online installation herewget

Fundamentals of e-commerce: SME construction station programmes and resources

At present, the number of small and medium-sized enterprises in China has tens of millions of, but the information construction is not ideal, the site has only not more than 2 million, tens of millions of small and medium-sized enterprises exist

15 useful MySQL/MariaDB performance tuning and Optimization Techniques

This article will show you some basic but useful tips on how to optimize the performance of MySQLMariaDB. Note: This document assumes that you have installed MySQL or Maria This article will show you some basic but useful tips on how to optimize

Which of the following is better for Yii, laravel, and phalcon?

The company wants to re-develop the Mall website. It used ecshop before. now it wants to re-develop the website and write it using the framework. the above three people refer to the online comments, which is the best, but I do not know how to choose.

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