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Enable the Caps Lock (uppercase) Key Using VBScript

Q: Hi, scripting guy! I have a script where users enter some information in an input box. the information needs to be entered in all-capital letters, so my instructions say, "Please make sure the Caps Lock key is on before entering the information. "

Enable Caps Lock (uppercase) key with VBScript implementation _vbs

Ask: Hey, scripting guy!. I have a script where users enter some information in a Input box.  The information needs to being entered in all-capital letters, so I instructions say, "Please make sure the Caps Lock key is On before entering the

CSS3 Font variants Font-variation detailed

If you want to describe it in one word, you can call it a font variant (font variants), and the corresponding CSS property is the font-variation-* property, which includes the connection (ligatures), upper case (caps), number (numerals), and

CSS abbreviations and naming rules

Http:// CSS naming Rules use English letters, numbers, and underscores (usually in lower case. I. Short The abbreviation is mainly used to simplify writing and reduce Code to increase the download speed

Conquer advanced CSS Selector

CSS is one of the most powerful tools available to web designers. Using it, we can change the interface of a website within several minutes without changing the tab of the page. But while in fact, each of us realizes that it is useful, CSS selectors

CSS font attributes

Author: jorux/bluecssr posted on: September 11,200 6 filed under: web design comments: 18 responses keywords: CSS, tutorial fontsize: + increase-decreaseeditThe previous section mainly introduced CSS's control over color and text attributes. This

The Python flask Framework is standard with the template engine Jinja2 tutorial _python

JINJA2 need to Python2.4 the above version.InstallationAccording to Jinja there are many ways in which you can choose different ways to follow.Use Easy_install or PIP: #sudo easy_install Jinja2 #sudo pip install Jinja2 These

Python's Flask framework Standard template engine JINJA2 use tutorial

JINJA2 requires more than Python2.4 version. InstallationThere are several ways to follow Jinja, and you can choose different ways to do it according to your needs. Use Easy_install or PIP: These two tools can be automatically downloaded from

Use VBScript to make QQ automatic login script code _vbs

has been using a madman version of the QQ, but also with its attached automatic login for a long time, but the latest version of the Madman QQ somehow canceled the automatic login component. Fortunately QQ2009 has been able to remember multiple

Articles that make Linux technology a higher level

Preface: This article does not talk about very simple commands, such as cd,cp,mv,pwd and other very common commands. This is original, if you want to load, please explain the source. Some of the contents of the content for reference books, some

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