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WeChat official account-developer-custom menu, public developer

Public Account-developer-custom menu, public developer I am a beginner. I have read a lot online and are implemented by a third party. Considering the security issues, I am not afraid to use them! Today, I finally found out the implementation method. Official api: Step 1: Select "

Jcef How to modify the right-click menu item (JCEF Add Developer options in the right-click menu-show dev Tools)

Demand:Add a menu to open developer options in the right-click event of the interface (Show Dev Tools)So what we can see is the right button on the interface, there will be some default menu items (forward, rewind, print, view source), and these features are not necessarily what we need, so the first thing we have to do is to remove these options, reference: Java

Android Developer Long Press Menu context menu

contentMenu.setheadertitle ("file operation");Menu.setheadericon (R.drawable.ic_launcher);Menu.add (1,1,1, "copy");Menu.add (1,2,1, "paste");Menu.add (1,3,1, "cut");Menu.add (1,4,1, "renaming");}@Overridepublic boolean oncontextitemselected (MenuItem item) {Switch (Item.getitemid ()) {Case 1:Toast.maketext (Mainactivity.this, "click Copy", Toast.length_short). Show ();BreakCase 2:Toast.maketext (Mainactivity.this, "Click to paste", Toast.length_short). Show ();BreakCase 3:Toast.maketext (Mainac

IE8 "Developer Tools" Usage Details (menu details at all levels)

Document directory You have not installed IE8 yet? Understanding of "Developer Tools" [File] menu [Search] menu Disable menu [View] menu Outline menu [Image] menu Cache

IE8 "Developer Tools" in detail (detailed menu at all levels)

windows XPWindows VistaWindows Server 2003Windows Server 2008Windows XP 64-bitWindows Vista 64-bitWindows Server 2003 64-bitWindows Server 64-bitIE8 Download list in English version of Windows XPWindows XP-BitWindows VistaWindows Vista-BitWindows Server 2003Windows Server 2003Windows Server 2008Windows Server-Microsoft BitWell, maybe you'll worry that the IE6 or IE7 in your system are screwed. Well, yes, that's possible. However, you can try the following tools. It allows you to co-exist with m

Android Developer Headlines (ii) implement left-slide menu _android

In the previous article to introduce you to the Android developer headlines (a) launch page implementation, interested friends can refer to. Title: Bring you to achieve the developer's headline (ii) to implement the left-slide menu Grammar_cjkruby:true Starting today to mimic the developer headline sideslip menu,

[Independent developer er Cocos2d-x practice 009] Cocos2dx menu item CCMenu use, cocos2d-xccmenu

[Independent developer er Cocos2d-x practice 009] Cocos2dx menu item CCMenu use, cocos2d-xccmenu The menus in Cocos2dx are implemented using the CCMenu/Menu class. This class is a container used to load various Menu items. The Menu items can be images or system fonts. I will

"Independent Developer ER cocos2d-x combat 009" COCOS2DX menu item Ccmenu use

-VISIBLESIZE.HEIGHT/2 + 100);Define the callback function at the same time:void Helloworld::menuitemtoggle (Ccobject *psender) {cclog ("Helloworld::menuitemtoggle"); return;}The results are as follows:Recommended Blog:"CSB""Frame animation""Making plist""Load Plist""scale9spr

[Intellij idea: Developer tools] The difference between compile, make, and build in a menu item

only compile the last compiled changed files, reduce duplication of work, save time. (specifically how to check the unchanged, this will not be considered, the IDE itself will take care of these)3, Build: The entire project is completely recompiled, regardless of whether it has been compiled. The build process tends to generate a release package, which depends on the configuration of the IDE, and the build is rarely used in practice because it is generally not used at the time of development, a

Create custom menu in developer mode return {"Errcode":-1, "errmsg": "System Error"}

1. First please exclude your JSON format is correct, the official calibration tool, Address: Http:// correct conditions, then you need to pay attention to the background of the Chinese encoding format, the name of the menu must be sent using UTF8 encoding.The following two transcoding methods are included:New String (Str.getbytes ("iso8859-1"), "UTF-8"); The specific use of which, self-judgment.Create custom

Python developer _ tkinter _ gets the single-choice menu Value

The menu operations in python tkinter are mentioned in the previous blog. Python development _ tkinter _ multi-level sub-menu The following operations are performed on tkinter to obtain the single-choice menu value. 'Print party and flavor'Obtain the value of the single-choice menu ==============================

Developer Note (9)-Record recently used files in the File menu

The "file" menu at the bottom of the Word lists the recently used file names and paths. The file names and paths will change with the user's usage, this is in line with the principle that "recently used" is most likely to be "frequently used" in statistics, facilitating users and improving efficiency. There are many implementation methods. I will give you an example for your reference.1. Create a LastFile. Ini file in

Android Development Review notes-Menu menu component (option Menu, context menu, sub Menu), Android menu

Android Development Review notes-Menu menu component (option Menu, context menu, sub Menu), Android menu Menus are one of the most common elements in the user interface and are frequently used. In Android, menus are divided into t

Different options in the menu of python developer _ tkinter _

In the tkinter module of python, menus can also be customized by you. Below is my demo Running effect: tkinter * number = number += 1 tk = tk.geometry( tk.title(% ( ( Command_button =

Developer express right-click menu to display Chinese

This article reprinted:   First, create a CN. CS file with the following content: UsingSystem;UsingDevexpress. xtraeditors. controls;UsingDevexpress. xtragrid. localization;

Menu for Android development: OptionMenu (option Menu), ContextMenu (context Menu), SubMenu (sub Menu)

Menu for Android development: OptionMenu (option Menu), ContextMenu (context Menu), SubMenu (sub Menu)The menu concept is now very popular.Windows, Mac, Desktop Linux, and Java Swing all have visual menus.I. Three menus on the Android platformOptionMenu, ContextMenu, and Sub

IT Ninja Turtles PL/SQL Developer tips and shortcuts, Ninja Turtles developer

basis for SQL optimization; 4. automatic replacement: enter an SQL statement quickly, for example, enter s, Press space, and replace it with SELECT. For example, enter sf, Press space, and replace it with SELECT * FROM, it is very convenient and saves a lot of time to write repeated SQL statements. Setting Method: menu Tools> Preferences> Editor> AutoReplace (automatic replacement)> Edit 1. Create a shortcuts.txt file and write the following content:

WeChat Development Series ---- 01: Becoming a developer and ---- 01 A developer

Development Series ---- 01: Become a developer and ---- 01 A developer Third-partySDK[Senparc. Weixin. MP] to develop your own public account. GitHub address for this project: This series is a self-developed dome. I mainly want to use this exercise to clarify the basic development process and website development ideas, and learn how to learn in the project practic

[PLSQL Developer] PLSQL Developer SQL Editor garbled, plsqldeveloper

[PLSQL Developer] PLSQL Developer SQL Editor garbled, plsqldeveloper[Problem] We often write various statements in the SQL window of PLSQL Developer. To save these statements, you can save them as a text file or copy them and paste them into a Word file, the advantage of storing the statement in a Word file is that the statement retains the original format and ca

iOS standard Developer Account Difference Summary of iOS Enterprise Developer account

iOS standard Developer Account Difference Summary of iOS Enterprise Developer accountiOS standard Developer Project 1.ios standard Developer Project account can be published to the app Store2.ios standard Developer Project is divided into two types: ① individual

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