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Two SharePoint resources in Microsoft download center

Open the Microsoft download center page Enter SharePoint in the search box. Two resources seem interesting in the search results. Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 sample: Example master pagesMicrosoft has made available four sample master page sets compatible with the application templates for Microsoft

Microsoft Windows XP sp2+2003 SP1 security update fix set download _ Common Tools

Non-high-priority updates (3)High-priority updates (63)WMP10 installation and related updates (3)Other Updates (2) The installer automatically detects that the skipped system has installed updates. Support for NLite Integrated system update automatic detection!Ensure that the system status and the original version of the automatic upgrade results completely consistent after installation!Improved detection and installation of WMP. Microsoft Windows

How to transform your Windows XP Professional Edition into Media Center Edition-Application Tips

edition, so it is difficult to change. By using the Recovery Console and registry Editor that comes with Windows XP to change the registry key values, and then invoking Windows XP Installer to install digital media enhancements to retrofit Windows XP Professional, there is no compatibility issue. More reliable than using other third-party software, but the proce

About Vista under the new Microsoft Mobile Device Center detailed details 1th/2 page _vista

Microsoft released the activeSync4.5 version (download address: 9e641c34-6f7f-404d-a04b-dc09f8141141), but Vista is still unable to use, checked, the original Vista under the use of Microsoft Mobile Device Center (click here to

RSS history of Microsoft Development Center (23)

deploy Windows XP embedded with Service Pack 1 runtime images. ----------------------------------------------- Begin --------------------------------------------- Title: audio MDD and PDD Time: 11:00:00 | Introduction: as an alternative to directly using the unified audio model (UAM) or implementing stream interfaces, you can use the Model Device Driver (MDD) Library provided by Microsoft. This library imp

RSS history of Microsoft Development Center (20)

debugger, you can use the kernel debugger on the target device. ----------------------------------------------- Begin --------------------------------------------- Title: pluggable decoder requirements Time: 11:00:00 | Introduction: pluggable codecs ----------------------------------------------- Begin --------------------------------------------- Title: Debugging and testing tools Time: 11:00:00 | Introduction: Debugging and testing tools ----------------------------------------------- Begin -

RSS history of Microsoft Development Center (21)

practices. 3. Scope of available security technologies. 4. How should developers consider security at all stages of the development process. ----------------------------------------------- Begin --------------------------------------------- Title: getting started with Visio 2003 Time: 11:00:00 | Introduction: there are multiple methods to develop Microsoft Office Visio 2003 Extension applications or integrate Visio with other applications. This secti

The four ultimate weapons in Microsoft Windows XP SP2

window| Microsoft Of course in this one or "Trojan virus" is the most headache, and in the XP SP2 with the security Manager can help you solve this problem. Because most users don't know if their system is in a safe state, this leaves an opportunity for a virus or hacker to invade. Windows Security Center is able to monitor whether the system security components

RSS history of Microsoft Development Center (24)

. ----------------------------------------------- Begin --------------------------------------------- Title: generate a reliable Windows XP embedded platform Time: 2004-10-22 11:00:00 Introduction: This article is divided into four parts. 1. provides an overview of the embedded Windows XP operating system (OS. 2. Some software engineering design principles are provided. 3. provides tips for improving reliab

RSS history of Microsoft Development Center (8)

| Introduction: Discusses the format of DVR-MS files generated by Windows XP Media Center 2005, describes DirectShow and shows how to use the latter to process the former. ----------------------------------------------- Begin --------------------------------------------- Title: Windows XP embedded-based devices Time: 11:00:00 | Introduction: this white paper exp

RSS history of Microsoft Development Center (6)

architecture is an innovative Windows XP display architecture. It supports new solutions, graphics, and applications while providing users with a desktop experience with better performance and reliability. ----------------------------------------------- Begin --------------------------------------------- Title: New Development-centric features in Office Sharepoint Server will make your applications constantly updated Time: 2006-10-30 11:00:00 Introdu

Common users ' misunderstanding of Microsoft's stop on XP services

Myth 1: "Windows XP is about to stop service" If you're still using Windows XP, you don't have to worry about opening your computer tomorrow morning and not getting into the desktop. According to Microsoft's official view: Users are using an unsupported version of Windows XP, or Windows Vista,windows without any service pack will continue to start and run as usu

RSS history of Microsoft Development Center (12)

in ADO. NET 2.0 Time: 11:00:00 | Introduction: Learn about the. NET Framework dataset class and the new ADO. NET 2.0 feature in the class closely related to it. These changes include enhancements to the functions and performance of the dataset, able, and dataview classes. ----------------------------------------------- Begin --------------------------------------------- Title: using SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services and Office XP to build an OLAP Rep

RSS history of Microsoft Development Center (19)

--------------------------------------------- Title: *. DVR-MS File Time: 11:00:00 Overview: This article describes how to access the recorded audio and video content stored on the Media Center PC hard disk in the form of *. DVR-MS files for independent software vendors and original device manufacturers. ----------------------------------------------- Begin --------------------------------------------- Title: redistributing Windows Media Components T

RSS history of Microsoft Development Center (10)

time Time: 11:00:00 | Introduction: This article describes how to merge im exchanges to make them Indexable, searchable, and ultimately accessible to Microsoft? The Office 2003 research and reference task pane is used repeatedly to further utilize the conversation history. ----------------------------------------------- Begin --------------------------------------------- Title: learning to use Microsoft Em

Microsoft cloud computing component "Huron"-synchronize your data to the cloud computing data center (Azure)

database supports a variety of popular products in the market: Microsoft Office Access, SQL Express, SQL Server Compact, and SQL Server. It also supports Mobile databases. "Huron" provides the synchronization function in SQL Data Services. Allows "Occasionally Connected" applications to easily and efficiently upload and download content to the Cloud computing data cen

Microsoft XP is over what system are you going to replace?

security software, if the banner of Service XP users, access to the user's computer, the computer will be safe we do not know, but our personal privacy information is no longer secure. "New" security does not mean "heart" security. Find a quack to be your boyfriend, but he give you to eat counterfeit, we can not endure! Security software is also the case, a security software before a high-risk patch to remind users to

Microsoft Word 2007 Math plugin Microsoft Math provides download _ Common tools

Microsoft has released a math plug-in for Word 2007 that allows Office users to easily perform a variety of mathematical operations that complement the computing capabilities of Word 2007 itself.Microsoft Math add-in for Word 2007 main features:1. Create functions, equations, or inequalities in plane or stereo form.2. Solving equations or inequalities.3. Calculation of mathematical results.4. Simplifying algebraic expressions. Note: the. NET Framewor

Can the Microsoft XP system continue to use after it stops service?

What is called stop servicein general, for technical software products, the development of the company is the obligation within a certain period of time to update the product, repair products exist technical risks and security vulnerabilities. Similarly, in these 13 years, the software company spent a lot of time to fix the bug, every month will periodically release some security vulnerabilities, and remind users to download patches.So,

Optimization of Microsoft Windows XP operating system

Speed up boot and shutdown: ① Select Start \ Run, type regedit, expand HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ desktop, and change the value of the string value "hungapptimeout" to 200, change the value of the string value "waittokillapptimeout" to 1000; ② Under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control, change the value of the string value "hungapptimeout" to 200, and change the value of the string value "waittokillservicetimeout" to [1000 〕; ③ Use

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