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64-bit registered requires 32-bit to install Microsoft Reporting_win server

64-bit has been registered. Requires 32-bit to install Microsoft Reporting Services 2005 (32-bit).This error occurred while installing SQL 2005.Let 's take a look at our production environment first .Operating system: Windows Server 2

Judging the. NET Framework installation version

How to determine the. NET Framework installed Versions This topic are a how to .Please keep it as clear and simple as possible. Avoid speculative discussions as well as a deep dive into underlying mechanisms or related

How to display 32-bit dcom component configuration in 64-bit windows, 32-bit dcom

How to display 32-bit dcom component configuration in 64-bit windows, 32-bit dcom In the running column, enter the command dcomcnfg to open the Component Service Management window, but the Microsoft Excel program cannot be found. This is mainly a 64-

The relationship between 64-bit and 32-bit in operating system and application software

64-bit computing has grown into our lives, and 64 of MacOS, Linux and Windows Server systems have become the main players, and 64-bit Windows clients have been well promoted. However, the 64-bit is a lot of people "daunting", because everyone is

Install a 32-bit ArcGIS Server on a 64-bit host and access x64oracle

Enter two lines to convert IIS to 32-bit   ASP. NET 1.1, 32-bit To run the 32-bit version of ASP. NET 1.1, follow these steps: Click Start, click Run, and typeCMDAnd then click OK ". Run the following command to enable the 32-Bit

Check which. NET Framework version is installed

His article would help you to know which. NET Framework version was installed from command line.Check which. NET Framework version is installed by command lineDir%windir%\\framework\v*Dir%windir%\\framework\v*/o:-n/b

IIS6.0 can support both 32-bit and 64-bit modes

IIS 6.0 can support both 32-bit and 64-bit modes. However,IIS 6.0 does not support running both modes on a 64-bit version of Windows . The ASP. NET 1.1 runs in 32-bit mode only. The ASP. NET 2.0 can run in either 32-bit or 64-bit mode. Therefore, if

New Features of. NET Framework 4.0

Note that. NET Framework 4 introduces an improved security mode. For more information, see security changes in. NET Framework 4. Specifically, this article will introduce. NET framework 4 has the following new features and improved features:

64-bit Windows Server 2003 runs IIS6 running a 32-bit. NET program

I just bought a server. Support for 64-bit Windows2003 so want to cool, loaded IIS6, can only install 64-bit net FrameWork Publish two websites with VS2005 under the XP32 bit: A, based on the SQL2000 B, Office Access based After the server

32-bit and 64-bit confusion around und x86 and x64 and the. NET Framework and CLR

Basic 1. VS has only x32bit version, no x64 version. 2. DOTNET framework including basic library (system. *), CLR, JIT compiler, etc, have x32 and x64 version. for example, I have a c: \ windows \ Microsoft. net \ framework and a C: \ WINDOWS \

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