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Windows PowerShell Microsoft Official explanation _powershell

middle tier of the service program management, at this stage, such as Exchange 2007 has supported PowerShell management.   It can be expected that using PowerShell to manage Windows servers is within reach.   Currently PowerShell Version 2.0 has been successfully developed and widely used in the new system Windows Vista. This new technology provides a wealth of

Create a virtual machine in Microsoft Azure using PowerShell

Microsoft Azure series Quad micorosft Azure Powershell Management

Microsoft Azure provides the following two ways to manage Azure services and resourcesOne, the Azure portalTwo, Azure PowershellYou'll need to sign in with one or more Microsoft accounts or organizational accounts related to your Azure subscription.In this article we'll look at how to use Azure Powershell工欲善其事, its prerequisite.Download the Azure

Microsoft Azurestorageaccount for Powershell

Using a storage account created with PowerShell, note that storageaccountname can only use lowercase letters and numbers,-location reference c:\windows\system32> New-azurestorageaccount-storageaccountname"Andersonstorage1"-label"AndersonStorage1"- Location"China East"operationdescription OperationID operationstatus-------------------- ----------- --------

How to connect to Microsoft cloud with PowerShell

Tags: rsh text http POW out fine must Microsoft ADORecently there is a need to use PowerShell to see the migration task status, because Microsoft O365 Web page to see the status of the location is not accurate, you just set up the task, 10 minutes did not say synchronization completed.So to view the status you have to use PowerShell.I have a script, but the execu

Microsoft Azure Powershell Get azure-location information

, highmemory}webworkerrolesizes: {A5, A6, A7, Extralarge, Extrasmall, Large, Medium, S Mall}virtualmachinerolesizes: {A5, A6, A7, basic_a0, BASIC_A1, Basic_a2, Basic_a3, Basic_a4, Extralarge, ExtraSmall, Large, Medium, small}storageaccounttypes: {standard_lrs, Standard_grs, Standard_ragrs}operationd Escription:get-azurelocationoperationid:a1dbd967-9da4-436f-acf1-623d2a0cc031operationstatus:succeededdisplayname:china Eastname:china Eas Tavailableservices: {Compute, Storag

Microsoft Azure: Configure the Azure for PowerShell local management environment

1: # Subscribe to the Credit connection setup problem (only with login credit, other required credit is given later)2: # Get credit Documents3: # First behavior Microsoft Azure (WW)4: # Second act China Azure5:get-azurepublishsettingsfile6:get-azurepublishsettingsfile-environment Azurechinacloud7:get-azurepublishsettingsfile-environment Azurecloud8:9: # Import the credit file, no geographical designation (geographical designation is already included i

What is the relationship between the PowerShell and the cmd command line in the PowerShell introductory tutorial? _powershell

an application running in CMD, running in a way that is a bit like running sqlcmd or nslookup in cmd, which is the operating environment of the application until the exit is clear, all input, including commands and data, are accepted and processed by the application. Copy Code code as follows: D:\projects\practise\powershell>powershell Windows PowerShe

3 minutes to get to know the PowerShell development history--powershell each version of the data collation

This article takes you to learn about the PowerShell development process, by the way to collate a bit of information, convenient for you to inquire.Windows PowerShell? is a task-based shell and scripting language designed for system administration. Windows PowerShell, built on the. NET Framework, helps IT professionals and advanced users to control and automate t

Powershell _ basic self-study course _ 1 _ first knowledge of powershell

, Microsoft developed a brand new console shell-powershell for Windows. I. Functions of powershell 1. With standard Windows commands and ApplicationsProgramCompatible 2. New Command Format: cmdlets 3. Supported objects/object-oriented 4. Suitable for administrator applications 5. multi-language support 6. Discovery functions: Get-command, get-help, a

Explore PowerShell (I) First knowledge of PowerShell

Windows PowerShellIs a new ...... Well, I believe you have read this sentence N times before reading this article ...... PowerShell is a new shell program provided by Microsoft. It uses a new command prompt and script environment. What does PowerShell bring to the system administrator? What are the benefits of learning PowerS

Start PowerShell (1): What Can PowerShell do ?, Getting started with powershell

Start PowerShell (1): What Can PowerShell do ?, Getting started with powershell Link: What can PowerShell do? As mentioned in the preface, PowerShell is a Shell, which defines a bunch of commands and

One week PowerShell script Day 1: TCP interactive PowerShell script

One week PowerShell script Day 1: TCP interactive PowerShell script PowerShell is a common tool for penetration testers. With the close integration of Windows systems, this allows us to do a variety of interesting things. other hackers who use PowerShell and I have spent a lot of time on

PowerShell Management Series (32) PowerShell operation Open Terminal PowerShell remote management

-----provide ad\exchange\lync\sharepoint\crm\sc\o365 and other Microsoft product implementation and outsourcing, qq:185426445. Phone 18666943750Step 1, Windows Server 2012 above the operating system, by default is enabled for remote management, but in the Windows R2 operating system, after running the Invoke-command error, for example, on a computer that needs to be connected remotely, after running Enable-psremoting–force, i.e.Remote management is tu

Powershell beginners (12): compiling powershell management units and binary modules

ArticleDirectory Write Management Unit Use Management Unit Write binary Module Conclusion From the very beginning, powershell proposed to use management units to implement custom cmdlet, providing a script-based management solution different from the UI interface for large software systems. In powershell V2, The powershell management unit

To manually configure a remote PowerShell connection for Exchange? PowerShell

Introductionin the Exchange - the time , Microsoft has launched a new set of Shell The management tools :P Owershell V1, and all the graphical interfaces are built on this technology. . to more tightly integrated in the product ,exchange using the powershell V2, even if your server is on-premises or in the cloud , using powershell V3, With

Powershell tricks: Powershell Remoting

Powershell tricks: Powershell Remoting0x01 Introduction Powershell Remoting is built on the windows WinRM service, which can be one-to-one or one-to-many remote control, or an HTTP or HTTPS "listeners" that uses the WS-MAM protocol to receive commands remotely delivered. Windows Remote Management (WinRM) is a Microsoft

PowerShell Development tools

start the Windows PowerShell command-line development toolThe PowerShell command-line development tools can be started from the Start menu, click Start, clicking All Programs, Accessories, Windows PowerShell folders, and Windows PowerShell items.You can also click the window key on your keyboard to enter

PowerShell export SharePoint Administration Center solution, powershell

| ForEach-Object{$var = "E:" + "\" + $_.Name; $_.SolutionFile.SaveAs($var)}Here I save all the solutions to the edisk. Of course, you can choose the storage location. What does SharePointps1 do? in C #, you can call powershell to manage sharepoint2010. Powershell is a new generation of Microsoft scripts. It can be understood as an alternative to CMD. All new

PowerShell Management Series (23) PowerShell operation using ciphertext password to create a mailbox and connect to PowerShell

-----provide ad\exchange\lync\sharepoint\crm\sc\o365 and other Microsoft product implementation and outsourcing, qq:185426445. Phone 18666943750When we use PowerShell to create a mailbox, there are two ways to fill in the passwordMethod 1, enter the password manually$password = read-host "Enter password"-assecurestringNew-mailbox-userprincipalname [email protected] -alias chris-database "Mailbox Database 1"

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