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Installing apache2+modsecurity and customizing WAF rules in ubuntu16.04

Example of modsecurity rule syntaxSecrule is a modsecurity the primary directive, which is used to create security rules. The basic syntax is as follows:Secrule VARIABLES OPERATOR [ACTIONS] VARIABLESRepresentative HTTP The identity item in the package that specifies the object that the security rule targets. Common variables include:ARGS(all request parameters),files(all file names), and so on. OPERA

Use ModSecurity to protect and review your Web server (1)

ModSecurity is a free and open-source Apache module that can act as WAF ). It has rich features, powerful communities, and business support options. Therefore, it is essential for any production Apache Web server that provides non-static content and needs to be reviewed. The main function of ModSecurity is to provide reliable protection and stay away from various

Modsecurity SQL injection attack

Modsecurity is an intrusion detection and blocking engine that is primarily used for Web applications so it can also be called a Web application firewall. It can be run as a module of the Apache Web server or as a separate application. The purpose of modsecurity is to enhance the security of Web applications and protect Web applications from known and unknown attacks. This paper mainly introduces the idea o

ModSecurity SQL injection attacks-in-depth bypassing technical challenges

ModSecurity is an engine for intrusion detection and prevention. It is mainly used for Web applications and can also be called Web application firewall. it can be run as a module or a separate application of the Apache Web server. ModSecurity aims to enhance the security of Web applications and protect Web applications from known and unknown attacks. This article mainly introduces the idea of an open source

Use ModSecurity to defend against Wordpress brute-force cracking

Before reading this article, I would like to briefly understand what ModSecurity is, And ModSecurity is an engine for intrusion detection and prevention. It is mainly used for Web applications, so it can also be called Web application firewall. I believe many commercial WAF signature developers have also referred to the ModSe

About Science WAF (Web appllication Firewall)

. Based on a deep understanding of Web application business and logic, WAF the content detection and verification of various requests from Web application clients, ensuring its security and legality, and blocking illegal requests in real time, so as to effectively protect all kinds of web sites. 2. WAF classification WAF is a network device (hardware

Install and configure ModSecurity in Apache

1. install LAMP and the compiling environment # Apache 2.2.5 # Mysql 5.1.6 # install apache + php + mysql # yum-y install httpd php mysql-server php-mysql environment # yum install gcc make # yum install libxml2 libxml2-devel httpd-devel pcre-devel curl-devel start service test # service httpd start # service mysqld start note: iptables is required to allow all IP addresses to access port 80. 2. Install mod_security to download the source code from the official website, compile and install mod_s

Ubuntu 12.04 precise LTS: Install modsecurity for Apache 2 Web Server

Install modsecurity: sudo apt-get install libxml2 libxml2-dev libxml2-utils libaprutil1 libaprutil1-dev libapache-mod-security If your Ubuntu is 64bit, you need to fix a bug: sudo ln -s /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ Configure modsecurity: sudo mv /etc/modsecurity/modsecurity.con

(original) ubuntu14.04 installation apache+modsecurity

platform: Ubuntu 14.04First step: Install ApacheI recommend installing Apache with Apt-get installation, so you can have a lot less library support!!!! If it's not too much trouble, you can install it by source.Input Apt-get Install Apache2If you are prompted to update the package without this package apt-get install updateThis step is installed after the Apache will be able to provide services, enter can access the local siteStep Two: Install ModsecurityThis is also the same as the to

Install Apache + ModSecurity in Ubuntu 14.04

Install Apache + ModSecurity in Ubuntu 14.04 Platform: Ubuntu 14.04 Step 1: install apache It is recommended that you use apt-get to install Apache, so that many libraries are supported !!!! If it is not too troublesome, you can use the source code for installation. Enter apt-get install apache2 Update the apt-get install update package if you are prompted that this package does not exist. After this step is installed, apache can provide services. Inp

Install Apache + ModSecurity under Ubuntu14.04

Platform: Ubuntu14.04 Step 1: install apache. I suggest you install Apache with apt-get. This will reduce the number of libraries !!!! If it is not too troublesome, you can use the source code to install the input apt-getinstallapache2 if the prompt does not have this software package, update the software package apt-getinstallupdate. After this step is installed, apache can provide services, enter to access this Platform: Ubuntu 14.04 Step 1: install apache It is recommended that you

How to build a reliable WAF (Web application firewall)

of parsing directly affects the WAF defense effect. The cloud WAF mode where the WAF module is parasitic on the web server generally relies on the parsing capability of the web server. 3. Rule module (important) The point is, this is the core of WAF, And I will divide it into three sub-modules. (1) Rule Configuration

(original) Install Apache2+modsecurity+awstats (beginner tutorial) in Ubuntu 14.04

It is best to install under the root account, Baidu ubuntu14.04 root can see a tutorial, written in very detailed, very convenientInstalling Apache2This installation uses Apt-get installationApt-get Install Apache2When the last face appears* Starting Web server Apache2 AH00558:apache2:Could not reliably determine the server ' s fully qualified domain name, USI Ng Set the ' ServerName ' directive globally to suppress this message*Processing triggers for Libc-bin (2.19-0UBUNTU6) ...Proc

WAF series-Free advertisement Router web Authentication Settings (1), WAF

WAF series-Free advertisement Router web Authentication Settings (1), WAF Recently, the advertisement router is very popular. After a half-day tutorial on the Internet, the web Authentication background is successfully connected today. Sort it out. In fact, we can connect to each other in just one minute. If you start to explore from 0, it will waste a lot of time if you do not clear many concepts. Here, w

ModSecurity HTTP request block encoding Security Restriction Bypass Vulnerability

Release date:Updated on: Affected Systems:Modsecurity Description:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------CVE (CAN) ID: CVE-2013-5705ModSecurity is a Web application server.ModSecurity versions earlier than 2.7.6 are available in the "modsecurity_tx_init ()" function (apache2/modsecurity. c) there is an error in implementation. Malicious users can exploit this vulnerability to bypass HTTP request processing by

ModSecurity multiple message parsing Security Bypass Vulnerability

Release date:Updated on: Affected Systems:Sourceforge mod-security 2.xDescription:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------ModSecurity for Apache is a plug-in for the Apache Web server platform. A security vulnerability exists in versions earlier than ModSecurity 2.70. when parsing multiple requests, malicious users can bypass certain filter rules. Link: http://secu

Top 10 open source web application firewils (WAF) for webapp Security

Web application firewils provide security at the application layer. Essential, WAF provides all your web applications a secure solutionWhich ensures the data and web applications are safe.A Web Application Firewall applies a set of rules to HTTP conversation to identify and restrict the attacks of cross site scripting,SQL injections etc. you can also get Web application framework and web based commercial tools, for providing security to Web applicatio

ModSecurity's DoS vulnerability has been fixed

The ModSecurity development team has fixed the DoS vulnerability, which can cause attackers to crash the firewall and execute forceRequestBodyVariable and an unknown content type by attacking HTTP requests, resulting in a null pointer reference. This issue can be fixed by upgrading the program to version 2.7.4. This version also fixes some minor bugs and libinjection to identify SQL injection attacks, at the same time, the development team also annou

Introduction to the Modsecurity general rules

rulesModsecurity_crs_46_slr_et_xss_attacks.conf the XSS related rules for various appsPart III: Optional rule setsmodsecurity_crs_10_ignore_static.conf static files But WAF detection of related rulesModsecurity_crs_11_avs_traffic.conf AVS (Authorized vulnerability Scanner) IP White list ruleModsecurity_crs_13_xml_enabler.conf request body enable XML parsing processingModsecurity_crs_16_authentication_tracking.conf Log Login success and failure reques

Web application firewall WAF selection key

: One of the reasons why Internet companies do not need WAF is performance problems. I don't want to go into details. 3. Products Software: Free modsecurity and iisscan There is an old EEYE WEB SECURITY New talent zeus web application firewall Hardware: Domestic: Look here html "> Foreign: Look here 4. Key Points of

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