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Mongodb-introduction to MongoDB, Databases and collections

Tags: when ... tar explicit IMU one database following BSPMongoDB stores BSON documents, i.e. data records, in collections; The collections in databases. DatabasesIn MongoDB, databases hold collections of documents. To select a database to use, in the MONGO Shell, issue the use statement, as in the following Example

MongoDB Getting Started tutorial one [Documents and collections]

with $ 4. Cannot be included. (Point number) 5. Keys are case-sensitive and cannot be duplicated for example: {foo:1,foo:1} The naming of collections requires attention to the following points: 1. The collection name cannot be an empty string ("") 2. The collection name cannot contain the \ s character (null character), which represents the end of the collection name 3. The collection name cannot be "system." At the beginning, the prefix is reserved

MongoDB documents, collections, Databases (ii)

collection, when the argument is empty, removes all indexes (except the index on _ID) Ensureindex (Keypattern[,options]) creating an index Update (Query,object[,upsert_bool,multi_bool]) updates a document in the collection that meets the criteria Find ([Query,fields]) search for documents that meet criteria based on criteria Of course there are many commands that are not listed here, but you can easily view the commands that can be executed on the collection through the Help (

MongoDB Learning: Database commands and fixed collections

(){"_id": ObjectId ("5a43a73ba889535e61dc29a8"), "name": "Zhanghongfeng", "Age": 33}{"_id": ObjectId ("5a43a77ba889535e61dc29a9"), "name": "Maple", "Age": 32}Insert a document again> Db.fixedcollection.insert ({"Name": "ZHF", "Age": 32})Writeresult ({"ninserted": 1})By querying, you can see that the oldest inserted document, Name:zhanghongfeng , was replaced when a document was inserted. This is because we specify a maximum number of 2 documents in a fixed collection . As a result, the newly i

MongoDB fixed set (Capped collections)

The MongoDB fixed set (Capped Collections) is a well-performing and fixed-size set, and for a fixed size, we can imagine it is like a ring queue, when the collection space is exhausted, The element that is inserted will overwrite the initial element of the head! 1. Create a fixed collection:Db.createcollection ("Cappedlogcollection", {capped:true,size:10000})Specify the number of documents:Db.createcollecti

The maximum number of collections that can be used in MongoDB

The official website has a description of the problem (Using a Large number of collections). By default, the namespace for each database of MongoDB is saved in a 16MB. ns file, with an average of about 628 bytes per name, or about 24000 of the namespace for the entire database. Each collection and index will occupy a namespace. Therefore, if each collection has an index (such as the default _id index), you

MongoDB documents, collections, and databases

To understand the terms of MongoDB, you can compare it to a relational database:One, document document is a set of key-value pairs. Documents are the basic unit of data in MongoDB, very similar to those in a relational database.Yes. Multiple keys and their associated values are placed together in an orderly manner as documents. {"Name": "Swingwang", "gender": "Male"}The key-value pairs in the document are

"Mongodb"---scheme and collections correspondence problem

Label:During the run of the project, it was always curious how the newly registered user was inserted into the MongoDB database. View Source discovery was originally through the mongoose to work with MongoDB. The mongoose is created by the model to create the corresponding collection in MongoDB, so that you pass the following code:mongoose.model(‘User‘, UserSchem

MongoDB Basic Concepts-databases, collections, documents

The basic concepts in MongoDB are databases, collections, and documents .The following table will help you understand some of the concepts in MONGO more easily: SQL Terminology/Concepts Explanation/Description MongoDB Terminology/Concepts Explanation/Description Database Database Database Database

About MongoDB documents, collections, databases

collection that meets the criteria Find ([Query,fields]) search for documents that meet criteria based on criteria Of course there are many commands that are not listed here, but you can easily view the commands that can be executed on the collection through the Help () command.DatabaseMultiple documents form a collection, and multiple collections form a database. A MongoDB instance can host multi

State information for MongoDB databases and collections

}, Collection Statistics: db.collection.stats () > Db. User.stats () { "ns": "Test. User, "Count": 3149352, "size": 226727736, NBS P "Avgobjsize": 71.9918688034872, "storagesize": 377905152, "numextents": +, "nindexes": 2, "Lastexten Tsize ": 104161280, " Paddingfactor ": 1.0000000000000004, " s Ystemflags ": 0, " UserFlags ": 0, " totalindexsize ": 1817443 "indexsizes": { "_id_": 10 2502512, "age_1

Aggregation Pipeline and Shard collection in MongoDB (Pipeline and sharded collections)

In MongoDB aggretion, if there is a matching shard key in the pipeline, then this pipeline only runs in matching Shard, in the previous (3.2), pipeline is diverted, and finally by primary shard merge;In sharded collections, aggragation must run in multiple shards, and if this operation is not requested to run into primary shard, these operations will be routed to a random shard to merge the result, This eas

MongoDB A tutorial on replicating databases and collections among different hosts _mongodb

1. Db.clonecollection ()db.clonecollection (from, collection, query)Replicating data between different MongoDB instances, Db.clonecollection is an external embodiment of clonecollection database commands. function (from, collection, query) { assert (isstring (from) from.length); ASSERT (Isstring (collection) collection.length); Collection = This._name + "." + collection; query = Query | | {}; Return This._dbcommand ({clonecollection:col

Databases and collections (MongoDB document translation and interpretation)

Tags: Shell file log method mod create about DEX fieldMongoDB stores BSON files as data records into the collection; The following is the collection in the database.First, DatabasesIn MongoDB, the database saves a document-style collection.In the MONGO shell, if you want to select a certain database to use, you can use the using command, as in the following example: Use MyDB 1.1 Creating a database Create a databasesIf the database doe

Report example -- use Jasper report to implement MongoDB join and jaspermongodb

Report example -- use Jasper report to implement MongoDB join and jaspermongodb Diverse data sources are common issues in report development. However, it is difficult to use report tools such as JasperReport to handle them. For example, the results of two MongoDB collection connections are displayed. Although JasperReport has virtual data source or table

Basic operations for MONGODB databases and collections

Tags: The conceptual relational database performs an insert email operation to get sudo dataNon-relational database command is case-sensitive; command Terminator is carriage return (unlike MySQL) MongoDB Configuration sudo service mongodb start mongo MongoDB Basic Concept 集合A concept that corresponds to a relational

Using join operations in MongoDB

One of the biggest differences between SQL and NoSQL is that join is not supported, and in a traditional database, theSQL JOIN clause allows you to use a normal field, in two or more tables, for each row of data in a combined table. For example, if you have a table books andpublishers,你可以像下面这样写命令:SELECT book.title, Publisher.namefrom bookleft JOIN book.publisher_

MONGODB Special Indexes and collections

= {... "Type": "Polygon", ... "Coordinates": [... [-73.9917900, 40.7264100], ... [-73.9917900, 40.7321400], ... [-73.9829300, 40.7321400], ... [-73.9829300, 40.7264100] ...]} ({"loc": {"$geoIntersects": {"$geometry": Eastvillage}}})Contains query $ ({"loc": {"$within": {"$geometry": Eastvillage}}})Find nearby $ ({"loc": {"$near": {"$geometry": Eastvillage}}})IndexFor aspheric maps (game maps, time-continuous data, and so on). Only points can be indexed

Linux installation MongoDB tar join service and boot up __linux

Download MongoDB's tar packets and I'll put them in the/home directory. Execute command Cd/home tar zxvf your mongodb.tar.gz file. Then change the folder name to MongoDB to facilitate later operation MV Your mongodb.tar.gz file MongoDB Create a new data directory under the/home/mongodb/directory Then execute the command to start the

Report example-Implementing MongoDB join with Jasper reports

Tags: example jasper report MongoDB join collector scriptThe diversity data source is a common problem in report development, but it is difficult to deal with report tools such as Jasperreport, such as showing the results of two MongoDB collection connections. Although the Jasperreport has virtual data source or table join

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