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"MongoDB Learning One" environment built under Mac to connect MongoDB UI Client

Tags: blog http io sp data on log CTIRecord MongoDB learning to be lazy to own up to MongoDB serverIt's going to be a command, though.Brew Install MongoDBBut considering the future application or put on the Internet, directly with the ready-made service barDownload the client (Robomongo is multi-platform, open source free, windows,mac,linux have) not much to say, according to th

Android UI Debugging Common Tool (Dump view UI hierarchy for Automator)

UI debugging when the programmer is a headache problem: sometimes 1DP, 2dp problems, get speechless (Android development deep Experience)Here is a common debugging tool in the actual development process, can be accurate to each view in the absolute position of the screen (accurate to the specific PX), with such a tool, you can well find the problem in the UI.In f

IOS analysis UI tool-Reveal and simple cracking methods, and iosui tool reveal

IOS analysis UI tool-Reveal and simple cracking methods, and iosui tool reveal Reveal, as a powerful tool for analyzing the app ui, is very easy to use and can be used to view any UI layout. 1. simulator Analysis 1. Open Reveal

MongoDB Data Export tool mongoexport and Import tool Mongoimport use

Tags: format composite need to import collection data export God nbsp Share picture, two tools are located in the bin directory of the MongoDB installation directory    Here's how they are used:OneExport Tool MongoexportThe Mongoexport tool in MongoDB can export a collection to a file in JSON or CSV format. You can spe

Ui-router Details (ii) Ngroute tool difference

We understand that Angular.js is a rich client single page application, so routing plays a vital role in rendering different views on one page.Angular.js has packaged a routing tool for us Ngroute, which is a way to drive a view by URL changes.Angularui also encapsulates a standalone routing module, Ui-router, which is a state-driven view.What is the advantage of the latter: a page can be nested multiple vi

Open source a simple HTTP service pressure measurement tool Alex, with a web Ui,golang implementation

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Alex Alex is a stress test web UI based on the Vegeta library and boom package. The Vegeta provides a stable QPS pressure source, and Boom provides a stable number of concurrent pressure sources.GitHub Address Https://中文版 Alex Frame Composition Alex Main Features Save pressure test parameters for repeated pressure measurement Save stre

iOS real-Computer UI debugging tool--reveal

For iOS development, the UI is a very, very important link. When debugging, we usually use the simulator, before submitting the test with the real machine. While it's quick and easy to debug a UI effect with a simulator, there are times when you still want more powerful tools to help analyze the UI, especially when it comes to debugging the effects of the

Introducing the Flex UI Test tool: FlexMonkey

It is believed that many people know about Flex's unit testing tools, FlexUnit or Asunit, but for the UI test tool it may be very rare to know what the FLEXUI test tool is now, and the answer is Flexmonkey. Flexmonkey is a test framework for flex applications that provides capture, playback, and confirmation of Flex UI

Android UI utils-simple and practical Android interface tool

ArticleDirectory I. Android asset Studio Ii. Android design Preview Some developers may feel that the user interface design and implementation in Android development is simple and troublesome, and there is a lack of effective help and support. The Android-ui-utils open-source project contains a series of tools to help us better design and develop the android user interface. The project homepage is

Hxj. Data, Hxj. Data entity generation tool, Hxj, Data Demo, Hxj. Web, Hxj. Web. UI download

Hxj. Data Hxj. Data Database ComponentHxj. Data (V1.7.4.4)Hxj. Data entity Generation ToolHxj. Data entity generation tool (V1.7.3.6)Hxj. Data entity generation tool (V1.7.3.5) (X86)Hxj. Data (V1.6) Documentation (Ndoc generation) Data (MySql)MySql.Data.rarSystem. Data. SQLite (1.0.66, including x64)System.Data.SQLite.rarHxj. Data Demo: (The Hxj. Data. dll version is old. P

Reveal UI Analysis tool simple to use

Official website (30-day free trial): IOS development, we sometimes would like to have a UI Debug tool like Web development (for example: Firebug) that allows us to see the structure of the UI in real time and to change the value of the relevant property values of a UIView's location and size in real time. Here we find that there real

[Tools]. Net UI spy tool: managedspy

A long time ago when I took over a large winform project. There are the following difficulties: 1. A large project. The entire product build consists of more than 1400 projects. 2. There are too many components and controls. 3,CodeN generations have been uploaded to N generations. Based on the above situation, no one in the project team can grasp the overall situation. Therefore, it is necessary to quickly locate the code position of a widget or component based on the

Reveal UI analysis tool analyzes mobile APP

The previous article introduced: Reveal UI analysis tool simple to useThis article describes how to use the Reveal UI Analysis tool to analyze the UI of the mobile App.Prerequisite Preparation:(1) Mac with Reveal installed(2) Jailbroken IPhone(3) A good network environmentPr

Introduction Flex UI testing tool: FlexMonkey

Author: Li wenzhi I believe many people know the Flex unit testing tool, FlexUnit or ASUnit, but few people may know about the UI testing tool. The answer to the current FlexUI testing tool is FlexMonkey. FlexMonkey is a testing framework for Flex applications. It can capture, play back, and confirm Flex

Introduction: angular-smarty, angular JS tool that can automatically complete the UI

Introduction: angular-smarty, angular JS tool that can automatically complete the UI This article mainly introduces angular-smarty, an AngularJS tool that can automatically complete the UI, including the use of the isolation scope binding directive and promise. For more information, see We recently added an Automatic

Tools used for quick development projects: Sketch, a powerful UI setting tool

Demand design: Axaure8.0 Tool: Teambition/graphite, canvas, Interface management tool (used by backend development interfaces, PC, M, and APP) Https:// /#/ Most UI designs use sketch Only the Apple version is sketch; Blue Lake is used for management tools; Front-end design: Node. js Vs code NPM; Vue.2/3 Tools used for quick d

Atitit.web UI Structure Modeling tool Summary

Atitit.web UI Structure Modeling tool Summary1. The King . Dreamweaver 12. Frontpage/sharepoint Designer (Frontpage) 2010 ... 13. Netbeans6.5 14. Ms vs 15. Xara Web Designer: Jas 10 Professional-grade IDE 16. Adobe GoLive ( as if not updated ) 21. The King. Dreamweaver2. Frontpage/sharepoint Designer (Frontpage) 2010 ...The FP seems to be second, just too far away from the poor wife and wife of DW. Too Ffar UI tool test UI tool test When you test the user interface, you are testing human activity. Because of this, you should let the computer perform the task Is good, you should perform the type of task, you are easy to be trifled with. When developers and testers first pair the available Learning from the UI tools for testing, they tend to think that everything can be

Ios-ui analysis tool--reveal installation crack and simple use

in IOS development, we sometimes want to have a UI Debug tool like Web development (for example: Firebug) that allows us to see the structure of the UI in real time and to change the value of the relevant property values for a UIView location and size in real time. Here we find that there really is such a powerful tool

SOAPUI parameter Chinese garbled problem solving method &soap UI Tool for Web interface testing

Test Web service. : Create a new projectSelect New REST project to givethe project a name.2. Select a pathin the new Select the New REST Service from URIin Project, and fill in the IP address and port number3. Fill in the path, select method, submit ParametersFill in the specific path in resource, Select the implementation methodat method (get/put/post), Parameter names and parameter values can be added directly to the left by submitting parameters. 4. Run.Click on the

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