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Use nodejs to monitor file changes and use sftp to upload to the server

This article mainly introduces how to use nodejs to monitor file changes and use sftp to upload to the server. It is very good and has reference value, for more information about how to use nodejs to monitor file changes and use sftp to upload files

Monitor file system changes

First install the aide file monitoring toolYum Install Aide-y/etc/aide.conf configuration file3 @ @define Dbdir/var/lib/aide4 @ @define Logdir/var/log/aide above is its variable7 database=file:@@{dbdir}/aide.db.gz is compressed in. GZ format, which

Use inotify to monitor file system activities

Inotify is a Linux feature that monitors file system operations, such as reading, writing, and creating. Inotify is responsive, easy to use, and much more efficient than the busy polling of cron tasks. Learn how to integrate inotify into your

How to use Nodejs to monitor file changes

1. PrefaceWhen we debug code changes, every time we modify the code, even if only a small change, we need to manually rebuild the file, and then run the code to see the effect of the changes, this is particularly low efficiency, for developers can

node. js file Module FS Monitor file changes

node. js file Module FS Monitor file ChangesThe functions of the file module fs monitoring file in node source code are as = function (filename) { nullcheck (filename); var watcher; var options; var listener; if (Util.isobject (

How to monitor Linux directory file changes using the shell

Recently saw a group of people chatting to their server has recently been Hung horse, and then want to use a script to monitor the Web directory changes in real-time files, that is, the directory of additions and deletions to the corresponding log

Programming on Windows Multi-Monitor

Summary This document describes how to configure and use multiple monitors in Windows XP in multiple steps. In Windows XP, you can use multiple monitors to increase your desktop productivity. A computer can be connected to up to ten independent

Gulp Monitor file changes and copy to the specified directory

Directory modification, creation, and deletion are not supported for the time being.varGulp = require (' Gulp '));varFS = require (' FS ');varPath = require (' path ');varless = require (' gulp-less ');varSass = require (' Gulp-sass '));varMinifycss

Linux systems monitor changes to files and folders under a directory

Inotifywait is a tool that can monitor file changes in real-time, using the inotify mechanism in the Linux kernel to implement monitoring capabilities. View Kernel version [Email protected]oracle ~]# uname-r 2.6.32-220.el6.i686

INotify Monitor directory changes under Linux systems __linux

Recently, there is a project to delete the Nginx service generated cache files, because it is not very understanding of the Nginx cache generation strategy, on the internet did not look closely, after discussion, eventually want to introduce the

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