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Net Framework 2.0 MSI returned error code 1603 workaround

The reason for this situation, mainly with ghost to do the system, there are many systems to the internet to kidnap ie. The following is the display of the registry in Ghost's system, the above method can solve the problem of this Microsoft. NET Framework 3 is not installed.1. Click the "Start" button in the lower right corner of the desktop and click the "Run" button to enter "regedit" in the pop-up program input box.2. On the pop-up "Registry Editor" screen, selectHkey_local_machine\ Software\

OFFICE2013 Installation Failure error code 1603 or 1902 what do I do?

office2013 Installation Failure error code 1603 or 1902 what do I do? at present, about office2013 installation failed to help very much, of which most netizens encountered office2013 installation failure will be prompted: Error code: 16

SQL SEVER Installation Error: Error code:0x80070643 (1603)

version:3.1.4000.4042Loaded Dll:c:\windows\system32\msi.dll version:3.1.4000.4042Complete:performsccaction2 AT:2016/7/13 10:9:37, returned trueRunning:performdotnetcheck AT:2016/7/13 10:9:38Complete:performdotnetcheck AT:2016/7/13 10:9:38, returned trueRunning:componentupdateaction AT:2016/7/13 10:9:38Error:action "Componentupdateaction" threw an exception during execution. Error Information reported during run:Error:cannot Read license fileComponent

The computer runs the MSI installation package to prompt the error code is 2503/2502 how to resolve

When running the MSI installation package in the computer, the error code is 2503 or 2502 errors, in fact, because there is no permission to run, but can not right-click to run as an administrator, then how to do? For such a problem, we can refer to the following methods to resolve.1. Press Win+x to select "Command Prompt (Administrator)", or right-click the comm

Win8 Win10 Installing the MSI hint 2502, 2503 error code

1, press win+r, enter "gpedit.msc" Confirmation in the running box ;2. After opening the local policy Group editor, expand: " Computer Configuration "-"Administrative Templates"-"Windows Components"-"Windows Installer" and find "Always install with elevated privileges";3, double-click the option, set to " enabled ", and apply;4, in the end we also want to "User Configuration" in the same operation;5, it can be installed. 1, move the mouse to the lower left corner of the desktop (or directly: wi

WIN8 installation MSI file encountered error code=2502/2503 workaround

Win8 System Installation MSI file encountered a problem, pop up two dialog boxes: The installer have encountered an unexpected error installing this package.this could indicate a problem with package.the Error code is 2502. The installer have encountered an unexpected error

Install Microsoft. NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 and Return Error 1603, framework1603

installation. In fact, the 1603 error is a very abstract error, "a serious error occurs during the installation process ". Therefore, it is impossible to track what an error is based on this error.Find an article on the msdn blog. If you want to read the original article, c

Workaround for error 1603 when installing Silverlight

Do not know what situation, my Silverlight suddenly convulsions, can not use, had to reload try. But after reloading to 99%, it will be an error.Error code 1603, according to Microsoft's method is not resolved. Turn over Baidu, most of what modifies the registry, tried useless. Kung Fu, finally let me on MSDN to find an article on the foreigner, this error should

Win8 System Install MSI program 2502/2503 error What to do

MSI is a Microsoft version of the installation, usually the program installation software, the function is actually Office software installation program, in the WIN8 system installed MSI program may often encounter error code 2502/2503, resulting in failure to install successfully, This problem occurs because of insuff

Win7 win8 win8.1 2502, 2503 Error resolution when installing the. msi program (Zend Studio.msi install han)

The recent installation of Zend Studio 's MSI installation package often occurs with code 2502,2503 errors. In fact, this error is due to insufficient installation permissions, can be this MSI installation package is not like other exe installation program, on the installation package, click on the " right " and then n

Win8 Install MSI program 2502, 2503 Error resolution

In Win8, the code 2502 and 2503 errors often occur when installing the MSI installation package . In fact, this error is due to insufficient installation permissions, because this MSI installation package is not like the other EXE installation program,There is no "Run as Administrator" option after clicking "Right butt

Win7 Update patch When prompted error code 0x80070643 what to do?

Win7 system upgrades are a way to maintain windows on a day-to-day basis, and when a Win7 system has vulnerabilities that are at risk, Microsoft pushes to release the latest update patches to strengthen the system. Recently, there are users in the update patch pop-up "0x80070643" error prompts, how to do? How will this problem be solved? Then I'll talk to you about the solution that prompts the error

System Error Code

the specified resource type cannot be found in the image file.1814 the specified resource name cannot be found in the image file.1815 you cannot find the specified resource language ID in the image file.1816 the command cannot be executed because the quota is insufficient.1817 there is no registered interface.1818 the Remote Procedure Call is canceled.1819 the binding handle does not contain all required information.1820 communication fails during Remote Call.1821 the level of authentication re

Getlasterror error code! 1001-2000

created. 1055-lock the Service database. 1056-the service instance is running. 1057-the account name is invalid or does not exist, or the password is invalid for the specified account name. 1058-the service cannot be started because it is disabled or the device associated with it is not started. 1059-Circular Service dependency is specified. 1060-the specified service does not exist with the installed Service. 1061-the service cannot accept control information at this time. 1062-the service is

Troubleshoot win8 install itunes error 2503 code

itunes is the official Apple specifically for its iOS devices released by the management software, usually see the user in the installation of the software will not encounter problems, but in the WIN8 system, some users encountered error 2503 code problem, for the error after a small series analysis, How can we install and use itunes correctly because the user di

Win10 Install Nodejs encounter prompt error code 2503 what to do

When we install a software, the most annoying is to encounter the prompt installation failure or error, such as WIN10 system installed Nodejs encountered prompt error code 2503, meet this problem also do not panic, today small series to tell you how to solve this problem.1. Open the Smart Assistant Cortana, search for CMD in the app, then right-click "Run as Admi

How to solve the 29506 error code when installing SQL2005 in win7

Install SQL2005 29506 error code solution in Win7 system When you install SQL Server Management Studio Express, it appears that the installer encountered an error while installing the package, which may indicate that the package is faulty. The error code is 29506 permission

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