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A 1603 error message appears during Kaspersky installer

This is generally caused by WindowsInstaller error, first look at the Windows Installer service, generally inactive. If you try to enable it in a service, you sometimes find that it is disabled by the system and then started, prompting that "the specified service has been marked for deletion." The solution is: 1, first use Msiexec/unregserver to stop

Install Microsoft. NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 and Return Error 1603, framework1603

Install Microsoft. NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 and Return Error 1603, framework1603 After the server is upgraded to the system patch (360 installed), all. net websites cannot be opened and the system prompts"Failed to execute the request because the application domain cannot be created. Error: 0x80070002 the system cannot find the specified file .", However,

OFFICE2010 installation Error, Windows Installer service cannot update one or more protected Windows files

Transferred from: An error occurs during installation: The Windows Installer service cannot update one or more protected Windows files, and the installation fails and is being rolled back. This question puzzled me for a long time, on the official website of Microsoft also

About SQL Server Setup encountered an error while running the Windows Installer file

The problem was encountered when installing SQL SERVER2008R2 in the previous days:The following error occurred:SQL Server Setup encountered an error while running the Windows Installer file.Windows Installer error message:

Install SQL2005 SP4 Patch error: Unable to install Windows Installer MSP File

After we install the SQL2005 database, we need to install the SP4 patch with an error: The workaround for the Windows Installer MSP file cannot be installed1. Start-Control Panel-Add or Remove Programs, uninstall the Microsoft SQL Server Installer support file, and make sure that there are no remnants of the file.2. Co

Turn: Windows Installer error message Solution

If your system is WINXP, the following error occurs when you install office2003: "You cannot access the Windows Installer Service, it may be that windows or Windows Installer is not correctly installed when you run

Windows Installer error 2033

An error is reported when executing all installation packages:The format is as follows: Product: abcpdf. net 7.0 -- the installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package. this may indicate a problem with this package. the error code is 2203. the arguments are: C:/

Fixed the 2869 error when the installer installed Windows 7/Vista.

When vs2005 generates the installation program, you want to add some actions, such as a window popped up after the installation is complete, or run the program after the installation is complete, you need to use customaction. For more information, seeAutomatically start the program after vs2005 installation is completeHow can I customize an MSI in the Visual Studio Setup/deployment project? Http://

OFFICE2013 Installation Failure error code 1603 or 1902 what do I do?

office2013 Installation Failure error code 1603 or 1902 what do I do? at present, about office2013 installation failed to help very much, of which most netizens encountered office2013 installation failure will be prompted: Error code: 1603 or 1902 of the case. So what does the two

Installing Microsoft Expression WEB 2.0 for 1603 error resolution

Installing Microsoft Expression WEB 2.0 today, there are 1603 errors, as if the components were wrong. Solution: Start-> run->services.msc-> find Windows Installer right click Set to start Equivalent to Right-click-> My Computer-> admin-> Service and application-> find Windows

What should I do if an error is reported during offline 1603/1902 installation? How can I solve this problem?

  1, installation time 1603 error Install Office2013, there is a setup error, whether the upgrade or uninstall clean after the new installation, are Dead or alive installed.   Workaround: ① Click "Start" to enter Services.msc in "Run"; ② Open "Services", find the Windows Event log this service item, start the s

SQL SEVER Installation Error: Error code:0x80070643 (1603)

version:3.1.4000.4042Loaded Dll:c:\windows\system32\msi.dll version:3.1.4000.4042Complete:performsccaction2 AT:2016/7/13 10:9:37, returned trueRunning:performdotnetcheck AT:2016/7/13 10:9:38Complete:performdotnetcheck AT:2016/7/13 10:9:38, returned trueRunning:componentupdateaction AT:2016/7/13 10:9:38Error:action "Componentupdateaction" threw an exception during execution. Error Information reported durin

installation of Microsoft. NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 Returns a 1603 error

The server upgraded the system patch (360 installed) and found that all. NET Web sites could not be opened, prompting "the request could not be executed because the application domain could not be created. Error: The 0x80070002 system cannot find the file specified. ", but PHP and ASP are normal, so make sure the. NET Framework is broken.Search online answers are different, some of them are patches, some are not uninstalled clean. NET Framework caused

How to fix Windows Installer corruption

---------------------------------------------------------------Method 1:1. Stop the Windows Installer Service with msiexec/ instmsiw.exe and decompress it with WinRAR. Enter the directory.3. Right-click MSI. inf, click Install, right-click mspatcha. inf, and click Install.4.enable the service with msiexec.exe/regserver.Method 2:Step 1: use NotePad to compile the

The Windows Installer Service cannot be accessed!

double-click the. MSI file, msiexec.exe is run.Each MSI package file contains a relational database that stores the commands and data required to install or uninstall the program in various Installation Schemes. Iii. Windows Installer error SolutionWindows Installer (Windows

Windows Installer Service Solution

/regserver" command at the CMD command prompt, so that the Windows Installer Service is started. After the Windows2000 system is restarted, the problem is solved. Note: during the installation of the two INF files, do not restart the system. After all the operations are completed, restart the system. In addition, if the system has installed the "Rising Star virus firewall" and "Rising Star network firewal

Javafx: Create Windows native installer and exe with netbeans 7.2

bundle (Package) took about 217 mg. The. MSI file was 30 mb and the. exe file was 47 MB. Run the installer to have your application installed natively (native ). your application shocould be installed in the Start menu under the vendor name you set up earlier. you shoshould be able to run your application just like any other Windows app! In my testing, for Inno Setup 5 (.exe) the application was installed

Unable to access Windows Installer service workaround

"The Windows Installer Service could not be accessed" (Unable to access the Windows Installer Service) error message when you install the program in Windows XP.   To resolve this issue, follow these steps:   Method One: Uninsta

Windows Installer 3.1

Keywords: Windows Installer, Windows Server 2003 SP1, msi, install 2003 express beta 2 on 2005 When I installed nunit the day before yesterday, I was prompted that the installation service has no access permission, or that I started it in safe mode.Or internal service error. First, I checked the

Unable to access Windows Installer service while attempting to install Office

When you try to install Microsoft Office, you may receive an error message that resembles the following: Unable to access the Windows Installer service. Reason Analysis: This problem may occur if the Windows Installer file is corrupted or missing. Solution: To

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