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How to enable the USB flash drive on the MSI motherboard, how to enable the USB flash drive on the MSI motherboard Bios, and how to enable the USB flash drive on the MSI motherboard bios

How to enable the USB flash drive on the MSI motherboard, how to enable the USB flash drive on the MSI motherboard Bios, and how to enable the USB flash drive on the MSI motherboard bios Press the Delete key on the keyboard repeatedly to go to the main interface of the motherboard BIOS. (See) Use the keyboard arrow key, select "Advanced BIOS Features", an

Use Advinceinstaller to RePack EXE or MSI as MSI silent installer

Recently in learning installshelled packaging. NET do software, where the MySQL database silent installation script will not write, I novice do not spray. In the way of not writing scripts, occasionally saw this advinceinstaller can be the. exe or. msi installation file repackaging to become a silent installer, the operation steps relatively simple, record to prevent forgetting, but also hope to have a good see can give a better way, to the bottom:Pre


Msi The pci2.2 specification introduces MSI as a traditional line-based interrupt solution. Msi allows the device to allow interruption by writing a specific value to a specific address, rather than using a proprietary pin to trigger the interruption. Note that the destination address and data of a message are treated as vectors. Compared with traditional interr

VBox lost *multiarch_amd64.msi or *multiarch_x86.msi re-created

1, to the official website to download your missing this file version of the EXE file.2, download 7-zip software (in Baidu download, relatively small).3, with 7-zip decompression this exe. A folder will appear with the approximate name Virtualbox-4.3.12-93733-win.4. Enter the cmd window. If not, Win+r key, enter CMD. Really not, to ask Baidu.5. Enter the folder where you unzipped the folder (that is, the folder where Virtualbox-4.3.12-93733-win is located). The drive letter toggles the label and

PCI MSI Msi-x Learning Notes

MSI appears in PCI2.2, and PCI 3.0 allows masks to be set for each interrupt Msi-x appears in PCI3.0, relative to MSI, each device allows more interrupts, each interrupt can be configured independently Basic functions The device throws an interrupt by writing to a specific address Compared to traditional pin-based PCI interrupts: 1. Traditional PCI inter

One of the three things of. Net deployment-how to create an update msp for the vs Installation File MSI

Preface The tools used in this article are vs IDE and orca.exe. Therefore, other packaging tools such as InstallShield and wise are not covered, in addition, InstallShield and wise are required to make installation files and update patches more complex than vs IDE and orca.exe. Secondly, the background of this article is that the author finds that there are few articles in China on how to create an MSP update Patch Based on the MSI created in the vs i

MSI Haswell New Reviews

MSI GT70 is one of a number of hardware vendors that have started upgrading their products as Intel officially releases the fourth Daicouri processor Haswell. The game's audio-visual notebook, which sells up to $2799 (about 17171 yuan), is not only powered by Intel's newest Haswell processor, but also has the Nvidia GeForce GTX 780M discrete graphics card, which is the world's fastest notebook graphics card. This new range of features means that

File replacement in the MSI Installer

※Description:There are a lot of software that can be used for MSI editing at present, but some software will write some of its own tables or content into the MSI file during storage, and some will embed another cab file, increase the number of MSI files. The method provided here ensures that no unnecessary content or files are written. ※Key points:1. The file seq

The MSI Driver Guide HOWTO

Http:// 1 The MSI Driver Guide HOWTO 2 Tom L. Nguyen Tom.l.nguyen[at ]intel[dot]com 3 10/03/2003 4 revised FEB 5 Martine 6 Revised June, by Tom L. Nguyen 7 8 1. About this guide 9 A guide describes the basics of message signaled interrupts (MSI), the advantages of using MS I over traditional interrupt mechanism

[CSS Transform Transform properties] Transform property explained in CSS and the difference of example demonstration

One, write in the front of the autumn pantsAs early as last year, I gave a big introduction to 2D Transform related content . See the King of all know, the guy with D is not to mess with, 2D my generation still can cope, 3D words, hehe, estimated I wait long in the thousands of miles away by its domineering shock ~ ~Look at the movements and expressions of the female emperor, you can know the name of the guy with D!Some of the things that have recentl

PCI-E configuration MSI interrupt process Parsing

Before debugging the MSI interrupt of the PCI-E, you need to ensure that the traditional interrupt is called, and then DEBUG this. Msi interruption is essentially a memory read/write event. Set the MSI address to an address in the memory (which can be 64-bit). When an MSI interruption occurs, the interrupt source will

[Switch] replacing files in the MSI Installer

Link: Preface Recently, a Chinese friend asked me how to replace the files in the MSI installation program without making the MSI file again. To this end, I will summarize my practical experience for your reference. Please correct me for any errors.※Description:There are a lot of software that can be used for MSI

MSI GT60 game This evaluation

If you are looking for a computer with great game performance and a certain portability, then MSI GT60 series gaming notebooks will be a good choice. This 15.6-inch screen model has been upgraded to Intel's newest Haswell Core i7 processor and Nvidia's latest standalone graphics card, which is very robust. Plus, you'll get a keyboard, Full HD display and audio system designed for gamers, starting at $1499 (about 9190 yuan) and up to $2388 (about 14641

Little-known windows "plug-in" Msi

I. First recognized WINDOWS function enhancement "plug-in" Msi We often see that many software only have one file with the extension MSI. If you double-click this file to run it, there will be a very similar installation process as windows application software installation. What is the MSI file? Why did a lot of software begin to be released in

MSI GE60 evaluation

If you need to buy a smooth operation of the mainstream large 3D games notebook, often need to put more budget, but MSI's game this product has always been known for cost-effective and high-performance, won the recognition of the players. At present, MSI is also the first batch of its products to upgrade to the Intel Haswell processor manufacturers, significantly improve the overall performance of the product. After GE40, GT 60, GT70,

What are the differences between different Microstar video series on the MSI video card market?

What are the series of MSI graphics card MSI graphics cards are mainly divided into Lightning series, gaming series, Armor series, Sea Hawk series, each series of the same corresponding to different positioning. The difference between the series of MSI graphics card 1, Lightning Series: MSI L

Make an MSI file

1. When talking about MSI files in history, we have to talk about Windows Installer. It is not just an installer, but an extensible software management system. Windows Installer is used to manage software installation, add and delete software components, monitor file recovery, and maintain basic disaster recovery using rollback technology. In addition, Windows Installer supports installing and running software from multiple source locations and can be

CSS3 's Transform Knowledge: detailed transform

Article Introduction: in this article, the basic knowledge of CSS3 's transform is reviewed, and then the relevant knowledge of Transform-origin is introduced in depth. In CSS2.1, our pages are static, and web designers are accustomed to designing them as a design tool for page effects. But often some page effects are not just static, for example, how to actually move some elements? How do I cha

MSI production-free serial Number installation package method _ Application Tips

The tool used in this article: Orca, you can download in to quite like the Orz hehe The following is a brief introduction to Orca: Orca is a Microsoft-supplied database table editor for Windows Installer. Can be used to edit Windows Installer database file (. msi) files, merge module (. msm) files, patch (. msp) files, internal consistency calculation program (. cub) files, and patch creation properties (. PCP) fil

PCI-E Configuration MSI Interrupt process resolution

Before debugging a pci-e MSI interrupt, you need to ensure that the traditional interrupt is tuned before debugging this. MSI interrupts the nature of a memory read-write event. The MSI address is set to one of the addresses in memory (which can be 64 bits), and the interrupt source writes MSI Data at the address where

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