mysql select case example

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MySQL Operations management-mysql Backup and recovery practical case and production plan 17

1. Full backup and incremental backup 1.1 full-scale backupFull-volume data is all the data in the database, and a full backup is the backup of all the data in the database.Back Up all libraries:mysqldump -uroot -p123456 -S /data/3306/mysql.sock -F -

Installing MySQL in Linux and solutions to some common problems _ MySQL-mysql tutorial

1. download MySql 1. download MySql Open download in browser My downloaded version is Red Hat 5 version of Id = 407552 Upload the file to the server, or

MySQL Common instructions, java,php programmers, database engineers must. Programmers Xiaoice Common Data collation

MySQL常用指令,java,php程序员,数据库工程师必备。程序员小冰常用资料整理MySQL common commands (for reference)The most common display commands are:1. Display the list of databases;2. Display the data table in the library:Use MySQL;Show tables;3, display the

How to securely configure and apply MySQL database _ MySQL

MySQL has become one of the most widely used databases on the network, especially for Web applications. it occupies the absolute advantage of small and medium applications. All of this comes from its small and easy-to-use, secure and effective, open

Practical application of MySQL conditional select case

The following articles mainly describe the practical application of MySQL conditional select case. This article does not closely introduce the actual application code example, it also lists the items worth your attention in the actual operation of

MySQL data recovery case after truncate misoperation, mysqltruncate

MySQL data recovery case after truncate misoperation, mysqltruncate The actual online scenario is complicated. At that time, the truncate and delete operations were involved. It was confirmed that more than 70 thousand rows of data were lost. when

Install MySQL summary under CentOS

One, MySQL installationInstall MySQL under CentOS Please open: several important directories of MySQLMySQL installation is not as if SQL Server is installed by default in a directory,

Analysis on the Case sensitivity of English letters in MySQL, mysql Case

Analysis on the Case sensitivity of English letters in MySQL, mysql Case Mysql databases are sometimes case-sensitive and sometimes not true when performing queries, mainly determined by the setting of mysql character verification rules, by default,

MySQL string functions

Generally, the entire string is used as the operation object, for example: search for a substring in a substring, obtain a substring, insert a substring at a certain position in the substring, and delete a substring. Generally, the entire string is

MySQL SELECT statement

Select *, if (SVA = 1, "male", "female") as ssva from tableame where id = 1Quote control flow Functions Case value when [compare-value] Then result [when [compare-value] Then result...] [else result] end case when [condition] Then result [when

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