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3rd. Introduction to MySQL Storage Engine

Section 3 Chapters MySQL Introduction to the storage engineObjective3.1 MySQLStorage Engine OverviewThe MyISAM storage engine is the default storage engine for MySQL and is one of the most widely used storage engines in MySQL today. His predecessor

Mysql Database storage engine and branch status analysis _mysql

MySQL with the corresponding creators and internal developers of the departure, creating a variety of engines and branches, so that MySQL hopes to continue to flourish. In MySQL after 2008 years of Sun's acquisition and the 2009 Oracle acquisition

The MySQL table type and storage engine version are inconsistent.

The MySQL table type and storage engine version are inconsistent. The old version of mysql client Navicate 8 is used, and the mysql server uses the version of mysql5.6. The version is incorrect when the engine version is modified; Mysql error 'Type =

MySQL database storage Engine--go to

Original address: IntroductionThe storage engine refers to the type of the table. The storage engine of the database determines how the table is stored on the computer. The concept of the storage

MySQL Operations management-mysql database storage engine Knowledge 19

1.MySQL Engine Overview 1.1 What is a storage engineWhen we record a video file, it can be converted to different formats such as mp4,avi,wmv, and on the computer's disk will also exist in different types of file system Windows common Ntfs,fat32,

MySQL basics, storage engine, and common data types

Lin Bingwen Evankaka Original works. Reprint please specify the source Http:// article will mainly explain the basic knowledge of the database, introduced the MySQL storage engine, and finally said the MySQL common data

Introduction to MySQL Storage engine

The following is a description of three storage engines for InnoDB, MyISAM and Memeory.InnoDB Storage EngineInnoDB is subject to the CNU general Public License (GPL) release. InnoDB has been adopted by some heavyweight internet companies, such as

Application and features of the MySQL storage engine

The following articles mainly describe the actual application of the MySQL storage engine and the unique characteristics of the main storage engines in the MySQL database, I hope that you will be helpful when selecting the database storage engine

Mysql = = "Storage Engine"

First, what is the storage engine?Tables created in MySQL = = FolderTables created in the Library = = "FileIn real life, the files we use to store data should have different types: for example, TXT type for storing text, Excel for storing tables,

mysql-Database Storage Engine

What is a storage engineLibrary ===> folder created in MySQLTable ===> files created in the libraryIn real life, the files we use to store data should have different types: for example, TXT type for storing text, Excel for Save form, PNG for image,

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