okta multi factor authentication

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multi-factor authentication (MFA) for Web App authentication with Azure AD

The customer has recently had a need to implement the end user database in a public-facing Web application with Azure AD, and it is hoped that MFA can be used for user authentication. The idea is very good, with Azure's managed service AAD, the time-consuming database operations done by Azure, and the security controls also done by Azure, and development can be integrated as long as the appropriate AAD SDK is called in code and configured accordingly.

ASP. NET has no magic -- ASP. NET Identity's "multi-factor" authentication code, asp. netidentity

ASP. NET has no magic -- ASP. NET Identity's "multi-factor" authentication code, asp. netidentity The previous article introduces the authentication mechanism and process in ASP. NET. This article uses code to introduce how to implement third-party account authentication and

How to Adapt one-time passwords to the multi-factor authentication mode

Multi-factor authentication is a term, it is used to describe two or more different authentication modes to improve the security mechanism that avoids, damages, or bypasses the difficulty of the normal Identity Authentication System in other ways. For

Enable and configure office 365 multi-factor authentication

Enable and configure office 365 multi-factor authentication A friend asked me how secure my Office 365 account is? If others know my account and password, they will not be able to access my Office 365 at any time. In fact, Office 365 has a multi-factor

The survey found that the user re-evaluated the two-factor authentication option.

transactions. It is also being used by law enforcement and other sensitive agencies. The survey found that the RSA SecurID vulnerability does not affect the development of this technology. 63% of respondents said they plan to adopt other multi-factor authentication methods over the next two years. PhoneFactor's out-of-band two-

Ubuntu Server enables SSH Multi-authentication method

As you know, SSH defaults to authentication by default, even if you use an SSH key instead of a password. As a single factor in the way of authentication, once the key leaks, the same will also compromise the security of the server. To address this issue, we will show you how to enable SSH multi-

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