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Oracle RMAN Backup to the AWS Cloud

The first attempt to back up an Oracle database to the AWS Cloud was typically backed up to a tape library or disk, and now it's easier to have a cloud. This is primarily backed up using AWS's S3 storage as an SBT device. As for what is AWS, what is S3, please refer to: steps are as follows:Prerequisites: You will have an

Local Oracle data uploaded to AWS RDS

Tags: Oracle data Migration AWS RDSHow to install Oracle and AWS RDS to create Oracle is no longer detailed here. Simply create some simple data on local Oracle, and then try to import RDS.· Step 1: Giving permissionLog on to the

Oracle Licensing, table backup, user management

Tags: struct let dba upd sync pre style ... grantUser Management Creation User: Create username identified by password; Modify password: Alter user username identified by password; Activate User: Alter user username account unlock; Delete users: Drop user user name; User Rights Management1, Authorization permissions (connect, resource, DBA) grant permission 1, permission 2,... to username; 2, REVOKE permissions revoke permissions 1, permission 2,... from user name; 3, important permissions

Oracle column Licensing related tests

Tags: values AC res har alter grant BSP COL userCreate tablespace liangtbs datafile '/home/oradata/lgjdb/liangtbs01.dbf ' size 50m autoextend on;create tablespace Testtbs datafile '/home/oradata/lgjdb/testtbs01.dbf ' size 50m autoextend on;CREATE USER Junuser identified by "Oracle"DEFAULT tablespace LiangtbsTemporary tablespace TEMP;CREATE TABLE T_test (ID number,table_name varchar2 (50),Owner VARCHAR2 (+), Tablespace_name varchar2 (50));INSERT into t

Amazon AWS Learning-Deploy data for an Oracle-type RDS Database

For more details on deploying data for RDS, importing and exporting, see [official documentation].To deploy data for RDS, it is important to note that the RDS database only has 1521 ports open, so all operations can only be done through a 1521 port database connection.1 Exporting dataIn the source database:--查看数据库目录:select * from dba_directories t;--数据导出(操作系统命令行执行,而不是数据库SQL命令行):expdp TESTDB/TESTDB schemas=TESTDB dumpfile=expdp.dmp directory=DATA_PUMP_DIR2 Create a tablespace, user, and authoriza

IS2009 Making an Oracle Silent installation package (a) Thank you, Mr. Blank. Licensing

template files. These files will be called in the is or installation.Unload Script Description1. Deinstall.cmd Uninstall the Oracle software, the parameters of the script are as follows:2. Completeclean.cmd clears the relevant files and settings, the relevant parameters of the script are as follows:Collection Unload ScriptØ above two scripts are used to unload the database, we set him up as a batch to facilitate the IS call.Ø%databasedir% and%sourpat

How Oracle databases Authorize charges (database Licensing)

Oracle software itself is free, so anyone can download and install Oracle's database software from Oracle's official website, at a charge of license, which is software licensing, and if the database is for commercial use, it is necessary to purchase the license of the corresponding Oracle product.Oracle now has two modes of authorization, per CPU (Process) and pe

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