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Ways to add, change, and purge Excel conditional formatting

Use Excel conditional formatting to help you visually view and analyze data, identify critical issues, and identify patterns and trends. Learn more about conditional formatting When analyzing data, you often ask yourself some questions, such as: •

Reprinted: rfm analysis of member customer transaction data using Excel

Case: rfm analysis of member customer transaction data using Excel Background: A Member Service Enterprise has about 1200 member customers in the past year. As the company wants to activate promotions for different categories of inactive customers,

Introduction to the number function ROUND rounded up in Excel

(1) FunctionsRounds the value by the specified number of digits.(2) FormatROUND (number or number cell, the specified number of digits)(3) ExampleColumn A and column B12.351325.525......Input formula in B1① Keep two decimal places-rounded from the

Use Excel to Do data description: rank and percent

After the mid-term examination of a class, only published results in accordance with the requirements, but students and parents asked to know the rankings. In order to publish results rankings, students can be found through the results of their

Excel table up, middle, down whole function

In Excel tables, the number of digits is processed, and the number of digits you specify is often rounded as needed. Numeric rounding can be done with the following functions: Rounding =round (a1,0) Truncate decimal rounding =rounddown (a1,0)

ROC curve in Excel

The classification model tries to classify each instance into a specific class, and the result of the classification model is generally a real value, such as logistic regression, the result is a real value from 0 to 1. How to determine the threshold

ZZ used as ROC curve in Excel

Comment from Xinwei: recently, I was helping Gao review a piece of his thesis on top of the top-cut top-down list. Seeing the ROC curve, I checked the masterpiece of Stentor and thought it was a good explanation. I would like to repost it

R Language Learning Notes: Basics

1. Data Analysis Pyramid2. "File"-"Change Working directory"3. "Package"-"Set Cran mirror""Package"-"Install package"4. Vector C ()Example: X=c (2,5,8,3,5,9)Example: X=c (1:100) shows that all 1-100 of the numbers are given to the X variable5. View

Excel _ several methods for dividing scores by proportion, such as ABCD

Assume that the student name is A3: a762, and the score of a certain subject is G3: g762, with a full score of 150. There are two methods to divide the four equals levels: 1. Scores are calculated from high to low. The first 1/4 of the total number

The algorithm of the five-bit

Using the five-bit algorithm to calculate the distribution of dataFirst, we set up a five-bit algorithm point K value, respectively, using 16%,37%,63%,84% probabilityAccording to the function percentile of Excel, and the K value, we calculate four

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