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Encrypt data to ordinary people and use PHP programs to protect data

To protect data with PHP programs and to protect data with PHP programs, you must be careful to protect your data in an increasingly virtualized internet world. This article describes how to encode and encrypt important information (such as

Encrypt a PHP program to protect data from ordinary people

In this increasingly virtual world of the Internet, you have to be careful to protect your own data. This article describes the basics of encoding and encrypting some important information, such as passwords, credit card numbers, or even the entire

Select a suitable password library for your PHP program

It is not a magic to select a suitable KeyStore cryptography for your PHP program. Encrypting an application does not guarantee its security under attack (especially when you have not set the verification ciphertext ). However, if you want to ensure

20 Linux server performance optimization techniques worth collecting _linux

Linux is an open source operating system, it supports a variety of hardware platforms, Linux servers around the world, the main difference between it and Windows is that the Linux server by default generally does not provide a GUI (graphical user

The php mail function sends an email with attachments)

(Attachments can be included. The code is as follows:Copy code Http://> php mail function sends an email with attachments // You might need to change this line, if you do not use// The default

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