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About the project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam 5P personal experience

Write some personal experience, for reference.7 month , anxiously waiting for one months after the results of the release, after the anxiety is because after the exam almost no confidence can pass, not to mention 5P, so this achievement is completely unexpected to me. Therefore, I and the same group of students to exchange the words of experience is: The exam is abnormal, the test is not confident, so still

How to be organized luck--PMP exam preparation experience

National Day holiday is basically calm and anxious to spend, after all, the legend of the results of the announcement cycle is coming, there will be some nervous, someone is ambitious. And I should belong to the middle of the kind, because it is not particularly confident, but according to their own assessment should be no problem. But the results did not look forward to, but got a PMI e-mail to inform October 8 will start publishing results. Can only be helpless to wait.Wake up on the morning o

Hot recruitment in pre-exam training course for PMP certification in September 2014 and October

. Since the training courses are clear, the content system is practical, and PMP focuses and test sites are prominent, PMP trainees are well received. Translated and published books by instructor Xiao include: organization-level Project Management Maturity Model (opm3) compiled by the American Project Management Association (PMI) ", Microsoft Project Management knowledge and ability certification

"PMP September exam sharing activity" score share, 51 good gift to send no Stop ~

Hi, Big Ben! PMP September Certification Exam results, finally came out!In the first time, we received the students of the N more than the results of the class group in a lively atmosphere, in this wish everyone successfully passed the PMP certification exam!!"If there is something to be done, the Hyakuji of the Qin Dy

Authoritative release: project management certification (PMP) exam schedule for 2015

The PMP certification examination time of the 2015 Project Management Association was issued by the consortium of international project managers. Co-creation International-the project management Alliance is one of the earliest professional institutions in China (founded in 2001) to provide project management services. It is the global rep of the American Project Management Association) authorized training partners with the National Bureau of foreig

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