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Add smart hints for SharePoint in PowerShell Ise to Enable SharePoint PowerShell commandlets in the PowerShell Ise

Powershell Ise in the default state there is a downside where some smart hints about SharePoint are not displayed, such as when you write a "get-" option followed by some objects that do not have an SP start. So I found a solution.First Open PowerShell Ise and copy the code below to Ise1 if(! (Test-path$profile )) 2 {

Powershell Ise's abstract syntax tree programming example _powershell

One reason I really like Windows PowerShell Ise is that it exposes its underlying scripting object model to the user, allowing users to customize the scripting experience in their own way and need.The core of the custom Ise is the $psise object. $psISE object allows users to control many aspects of ISE functionality. H

PowerShell Ise Automation Simple Example _powershell

PowerShell ise automation is not dependent on any third party framework and tools, because the PowerShell ise itself is programmable. Very tall is called PowerShell abstract syntax tree, in fact, in the previous article has a simple share. The key point is the $psise variabl

Powershell_ 0 Basic Self-study course _3_ How to debug PS scripts with PowerShell Ise

, the script stops running, and the color at the breakpoint of the script window changes, so that at many breakpoints, it is clear that running to thatPosition, the command pane has changed, as shown above, the title bar of the command pane appears [DBG]:, is currently in debug mode, and the output prompt becomesThe ">>>" form, and the output pane also prompts you where to debug the breakpoint.4) CommissioningTo demonstrate the debugging process, I added a command to the script and started debug

Use PowerShell script to download Windows patches monthly

" write-host "going to Downlo Ad file: [$FilePath] "- foregroundcolor Gray $FilePath =" $PatchStoreTo \ $FilePath "if (Test-path-path $FilePath span>) {write-host ' File already exists, skip! '- foregroundcolor Gray} else {do {$WebClient. Download File ($_, $FilePath )}while ($ (if (!$? ) {write-host ' Download file failed! '- foregroundcolor Red start-sleep-seconds $true })} } } }} PS, about the proxy,

How to download Bing daily pictures using PowerShell

Tags: PowerShell script ps PowerShellFor a long time did not write technical articles, I have been in the past few years have been a big big volt experience a lot of things. Recently, I can finally write something down.Today I want to talk about PowerShell for the Web page of some applications, I also recently found that in fact PS can also do crawler ... So I want to give you a thought.The main command to

Powershell-download files from a library

# Check to ensure Microsoft. sharepoint. powershell is loaded $ snapin = Get-pssnapin | where-object {$ _. name-EQ 'Microsoft. sharepoint. powershell '} if ($ snapin-EQ $ null) {write-host "loading SharePoint powershell snapin" Add-pssnapin "Microsoft. sharepoint. powershell "} $ web = Get-spweb-identity http: // gdcvm

PowerShell of the implementation of small tips file Download (class wget) _powershell

Readers familiar with Linux may have an impression of Linux downloading files through wget, a powerful tool in the. Net environment Most people are familiar with downloading through the System.Net.WebClient, this assembly can achieve the function of downloading, but there is a flaw, if encounter similar to .../scripts/?dl=417 this kind of download link will not recognize the file name correctly, The downloaded file is usually named dl=417, but the cor

PowerShell Permissions Settings tool "Download"

Development BackgroundWindows PowerShell is a new command-line tool that Microsoft has designed for system administrators. It is built on the. NET Framework language, accepts and returns. NET Framework objects, and further expands your scripts in the Windows command prompt and in the Windows Script Host environment, fully compatible with the Windows platform It calls, such as executable files (EXE), batch bat and VB Script, and so on.Instructions for

PowerShell tips easy to download files from the Internet _powershell

Supports all PS versions In PS, you can easily download files from the Internet. Here is a piece of code to download the PS manual (this is a valuable and rich PowerShell document) automatically to your computer. Copy Code code as follows: $link = ' http://download.microsoft.com/download/3/2/6/326DF7A1-EE5B

PowerShell download file

$webRequest = [System.net.httpwebrequest]::create ("http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/? linkid=149156 ") $webRequest. Method =" GET "; $webRequest. useragent =" mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 9.0; Windows NT 6.1; trident/5.0) "$response = $webRequest. GetResponse () $stream = $response. GetResponseStream () $reader = New-object System.IO.BinaryReader ($stream) $bytes = New-object system.byte[] $response. ContentLength for ($read = 0; $read-ne $bytes. Length; $read + = $reader. Read ($bytes, $read, $

PowerShell 2.0 Download BOOTCDN resources

Tags: load sub for Shell Inpu POW path Input TPSPowerShell 2.0, Win 7 or more operating systems are available.[System.reflection.assembly]::loadwithpartialname ("System.Web.Extensions")$path="D:\front\"$library="Element-ui"$json="[]"$json=$client. Downloadstring ("https://api.bootcdn.cn/libraries/"+$library+". JSON")$ser= new-Object System.Web.Script.Serialization.JavaScriptSerializer$obj=$ser. Deserializeobject ($json)## $info = Convertfrom-json-inputobject $jsonif($obj. Assets.length) { $ar

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