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Kotlin Secret recipe for Android (II): Recyclerview and Diffutil

Antonio LeivaTime: Sep 12, 2016Original link: you know, the "Support Library 24" includes a new, applicable, and convenient class: Diffutil, which allows you to get rid of the boredom and error of cell changes and updates.If you don't know it yet, you can read Nicola Despotoski's good article about it. This article explains how easy it is to handle it.In fact, the Java language introduced many templates, and I decided to study how it was im

Download the latest Android source from GitHub

(such as the development of the app want to follow the SDK some of the source code can download Platform_frameworks_base project). How to download the code for a project. The classmate who used Git is sure, you can use the following command to get the code for the Remote warehouse: The right column of the GitHub project page gives the warehouse URL, as shown belo

The hottest Android Open source project on GitHub (40)

Slidingmenu: Foursquare Rdio Plume VLC for Android ESPN Scorecenter MLS Matchday 9GAG Wunderlist 2 The Verge MTG Familiar Mantano Reader Falcon Pro (BETA) MW3 Barracks 4. Cocos2d-xIn the field of mobile development, Cocos2d-x is used for mainstream ios/android game development of the company, the development team countless. Cocos2d-x is an open-

The Android open source code above GitHub (a)

There are always some friends who are very enthusiastic to tidy up some good information, after collection, can be used for reading, learning and practice. Little friends, someday you can write niubility Android App:-)In order to prevent the above link to fail, and part of the content is lost, so, part of the transport. Practice and practice yourself, refer to the following links:Good

Good Android Open source project on GitHub (ii)

Collect relevant series of information, use it for reference, practice and practice. Little friends, someday you can write niubility Android App:-)Series of articles are as follows:Good Android Open source project on GitHub (i): A

74 most popular open-source Android projects on GitHub

The most popular 40 open-source Android projects on GitHub (I) The most popular 40 open-source Android projects on GitHub (2) 74 most popular open-source Android projects on GitHub (III) The most popular 40 open-source IOS project

The hottest Android Open source project on GitHub (end of article)

Summary: as of now, in the GitHub "most popular Open source project" series we have introduced 40 Android open source projects, for so many projects, you are mark, and the code friends to share the experience or lament "live to learn old"? Today we will continue to introduce another 34 Android open source projects.Earlier, the "most popular Open source project" s

Build Android Automated packaging publishing workflow based on Travis CI (supports GitHub release and

: components: - build-tools-23.0.1 - android-23 - extra-android-m2repository - extra-android-supportscript: - "./gradlew assembleRelease"No need to read the document can be through the above configuration probably know, we want to run an Android project, the Android SD

Implementation of account authentication for GitHub's official app

As the most forked and most star Android project on GitHub, there is no reason not to let me learn. This article is about the implementation of its account authentication module. If you are interested in this, please go to my blog, the address is as follows:Address:, that's right. I forgot to add that the articles here are all copies of my personal

Android Open Source Library on 100 GitHub

20.HomeMirror The developer is a Cheng Hannah Mittelstaedt, Homemirror is an Android mirror app that currently implements date, time, weather, birthday information, event reminders, cycling weather recommendations, stock information, new posts for XKCD comics sites, and more (not recommended) A power

GitHub Top 100 Android Open Source Library

important, make your code leaner, and make your project easier to maintain, with the goal of "fast Android Development.easy maintainance "Viewpagerindicator.A viewpager indicator, developed by Jakewharton, is easy to use and highly customizable to develop a variety of animation effects.Glide.Glide is a Google employee Open source project, widely used in some Google apps, in 2014 Google I/O conference was recommended to use, Glide and Picasso was take

Android Development 8-android™ Open source project finishing GitHub

Mainly from the know: the Android ArsenalGoogle I/o Android App- antennapod RSS Subscription music subscription- Muzei Live Wallpaper regularly change desktop wallpaper beautifully- Financius Easy-to-use book

The most popular 40 open-source Android projects on GitHub

view and add problems to your favorites, filters tags, milestones, and tasks. The android resource library contains all the source code of the GitHub Android App. 6. Android-ViewPagerIndicator The ViewPager pointer project can indicate the position of ViewPager when ViewPa

Android Studio imports the github download project, androidgithub

Android Studio, it will download the corresponding version of gradle of the project. This process is very slow and sometimes There will be various errors. Therefore, use the local existing gradle directly. The replacement method is simple. You only need to copy the corresponding folder in the locally created project to the project downloaded from github and replace it. 3. Import a project to

Android Studio Import the GitHub download project

, you will download the Gradle of the project version, which is very slow and sometimes there are various errors. So use the local existing gradle directly.The replacement method is simple, just copy the appropriate folder from the locally created project to the project that you downloaded from GitHub to replace it. Iii. Importing project to Android Studio File-->new-->import Project, the following dialog

GitHub's most popular open source Android project TOP41-52

through Android ndk. This library project is the entrance to FFMPEG for Android. Developers only need to directly select the video file to be converted and set parameters for conversion. The initiator havlenapetr indicates that the android library will be developed for it in the future, it can automatically convert video files. 44. tweetlanes Tweet lanes is a fu

Android Studio imports the project and module downloaded from github, androidgithub

Android Studio imports the project and module downloaded from github, androidgithub In the previous eclispe era, we often went to github to browse third-party open-source resources, download them, run samples, and learn third-party Android libraries that we did not have access to. However, in

12 of the most famous Android player open source projects on GitHub

Android first artifact-xposed frame, is called the Black Technology, the function is powerful!  1.ijkplayer  Project Address: Https://  Introduction: Ijkplayer is a ffplay-based lightweight Android/ios video player released by Bilibili. Realize the cross-platform function, the API is easy to integrate, the compilation configuration can be cropped, easy to control the size of the

Step-by-step implementation of Android studio code uploaded to GitHub.

This article focuses only on the success of the code upload, does not explain what is git what github,git have any advantage.1, first create an Android app,Step two: Create a GitHub account and install Git. There are a plethora of articles online. The only thing to say is to remember the installation directory.Step thr

GitHub Android Open source project compiled and run

Ext.: novice friends and friends sometimes don't understand how to import eclipse when they search for open source projects on GitHub. Indeed, sometimes those projects only source code, to pack their own jar or connect the library to use, the novice friend is not to touch the mind. My simple summary is as follows:First Category: Direct Project This class is the simplest. As soon as yo

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