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Reproduced MySQL database 5.X version basic manual injection Summary

() or CONVERT () function to solve the possible coding problems, such as Hex ( Version ()), Unhex (Hex (version ())), convert (version () using latin1), and so on3. At the time of injection, you can change the space to "+" or "/**/", which is equivalent, because the space will be automatically turned into "%20", looking at a very messy, and after changing seems to have some filtering.4. In addition, in the face of the site filter, you can consider th

MySQL 5 on Linux manual Installation

The following article describes how to manually install MySQL 5 on Linux. we divide it into 11 parts, we hope that you will gain some benefits in the manual installation of MySQL 5 on Linux after browsing. The following is the specific operation content of the article. 1. MySQL 5 on Linux

MySQL 5 on Linux manual installation is simple

This article describes how to manually install MySQL 5 on Linux and how to perform the installation, if you are interested in the actual operation steps, you can use the following articles to understand them. 1. Download "mysql()and php )))))-standard-5.0.27-linux-i686-icc-glibc23.tar.gz", and recommend the ICC version, which is said to improve the GCC performance by 10-20% 2. Copy to/usr/local/and decompress the file: tar zxvf mysql(and php ))))-stan

PHP manual translation Diary [4]

Compiled a new PHP Chinese manual. This is the latest and most complete PHP Chinese manual on the Internet, including 11 sections in the chapter "class and object (PHP5)" I recently translated, there is also the "namespace" chapter for Altair translation. A PhD bug was found during compilation: in the template used by PhD to compile HTML files, the code is Compiled a new PHP Chinese

ZG manual python2.7.7 Source Code Analysis (5)--Python scope and name space

order of the name space Local,global,builtin. Code blocks can be nested, so the local name space is also nested lookups. Examples of scopes#!/usr/bin/env python# coding:utf-8# global scope, define variable A, function Showa = ' Hello word ' def show (): # function Show local scope name = ' Show function ' Def myhelp (): # Local scope of function Myhelp # using global scope variable a print a # using the local scope of the show function Inside the variable name print name Summarize

Php Regular Expression Learning Manual (1/5) _ PHP Tutorial-php Tutorial

Php Regular Expression Learning Manual (15 ). The regular expression in the php Tutorial is complete. the manual preface regular expressions are cumbersome, but they are powerful. the application after learning will allow you to improve your efficiency, it will bring you an absolute sense of accomplishment. the regular expression full manual in the php Tutorial

How to install the system using centos 5 manual partitioning

the interface is the basic information of the hard disk. There are six buttons in the middle to partition the hard disk. below is the information of the hard disk partition. We can see that this is a 20 GB unpartitioned hard disk. 2. Click the new button in the middle of the interface to create a/boot partition. In this way, the hard disk is divided into two parts:/boot partition and blank partition. Next we will create an LVM on the blank partition. 3. Select a blank partition and

Oracle DBA Manual 4: Data Security Alerts

Oracle DBA Manual 4: Data Security Alerts Basic Information Author: Gao Guoqiang [Translator's introduction] Press: Electronic Industry Press ISBN: 978712117206 Mounting time: Published on: February 1, July 2012 Start: 16 Page number: 404 Version: 1-1 Category: computer more about, Oracle DBA Manual 4: Data Security Al

Enterprise Library-validation Application Block learning Manual (Latest Version) Part 5

This article demonstrates the use of the Enterprise Library-validation Application Block verification management module. The exercise uses the configuration file instead of attribute to specify the validation rules ). This article by the open source ASP. Net blog platform team according to the entlib Hol manual compilation to provide, welcome to exchange. Exercise 5: Specify verificat

Summary of manual injection for MySQL 5.x

useful functions:1. concat (str1, str2,...) -- concatenate strings without Separators2. concat_ws (separator, str1, str2,...) -- concatenate strings with Separators3. group_concat (str1, str2,...) -- connects all strings in a group and separates each piece of data by commas.It is abstract and does not need to be understood in detail. You can find all the information of these three functions at a time.For example: concat (version (), 0x3a, user (), 0x3a, database (), 0x3a, @ datadir, 0x3a, @ ver

"mysql Optimization Topics"90% Programmer's interview. Index optimization Manual (5)

largest (or smallest) keyword in its subtree. 4.) B + Tree, the insertion and deletion of data objects is done only on the leaf nodes. 5.) B + Tree has 2 head pointers, one is the root node of the tree, and the other is the leaf node of the minimum key code. 2) hash index (good technical text) Briefly, similar to the simple implementation of the data structure of the hash table (hash list), when we use has

Ogre Reference Manual (ix) 5 hardware buffers

= pb.getheight ();size_t width = pb.getwidth ();size_t pitch = Pb.rowpitch; Skip between rows of imagefor (size_t y=0; y{for (size_t x=0; x{0xRRGGBB, fill the buffer with yellow pixelsData[pitch*y + x] = 0x00ffff00;}}Unlock the buffer again (frees it for use by the GPU)Buffer->unlock ();5.8.3 Texture Typetex_type_1dtex_type_2dTEX_TYPE_3D body texture, accessed through three-dimensional texture coordinatesTex_type_cube_map cube map texture, consisting of 6 two-dimensional textures, accessed thro

Picture insertion and Typesetting--word 2007 book Typesetting complete manual 5

edit area, and then click Picture shape from the Picture toolbar. Next, choose "Love" from the pop-up shortcut menu. In this way, a picture is cut into a loving shape. (4) Add picture effect The picture effect is the depth of the picture style. First double-click a picture to pull up the Picture toolbar. Next, click the picture effect in the toolbar, and then select one. The following figure is the result of applying a flat picture to a three-dimen

PHP Regular Expression Learning Manual (1/5) _php Tutorial

type. Regular expressions are text patterns that consist of ordinary characters, such as characters A through z, and special characters (called metacharacters). A regular expression, as a template, matches a character pattern to the string you are searching for. 1 2 3) 4 5 true techarticle the regular expression of

node. JS Manual Query -5-ejs method

; option in Express through Res.redirect (' login ', [options]; To access the template, options can set some of the template engine's choices some parameters of options are: 1, Cache: If the parsed template is cached, filename is required as key, 2, FileName: template filename, 3, the context in which the function executes after scope:complile, 4, debug: Identifies whether the Debeg state, Debug is true to output the generated function c

Linux Network Administrator Manual (4)

Article title: Linux Network Administrator Manual (4 ). Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. Chapter 4 configure serial hardware There are rumors that there are people in the online world who only have one PC and sp

Help & Manual 5 cracking

Help Manual 5 is a very useful tool for document creation. There are two highlights: 1. Tree Structure for ease of expansion and reading 2. built-in search engine for searching titles and content Installation and Cracking Process 1. The first installation. If you do not pay attention to it, you are prompted to create a new file even if you have entered the correct decoding. 2. Unmount and reinstall

Some easy-to-forget points in the Python Learning Manual (4-7 parts)

Have time system read the Python study manual and record some easy-to-forget points1.python function High Polymerization low coupling1) Use parameters for input and return for output2) Use global variables only when it is really necessary3) do not change the parameters of the mutable type unless the caller wishes to do so4) Each function should have a single, unified goal5) Each function should be relatively small6) Avoid changing variables directly i

Php Regular Expression learning Manual (1/5)

Full manual on regular expressions in php tutorials Preface Regular Expressions are cumbersome, but they are powerful. The application after learning will give you an absolute sense of accomplishment in addition to improving your efficiency. As long as you carefully read these materials and make some reference when applying them, it is not a problem to master regular expressions. Index 1. _ Introduction2. _ Regular Expression history3. _ Regular Expre

Algorithm Manual (5) Preliminary Sorting Algorithm

, the time required for inserting sorting depends entirely on the initial position of the element in the input. For example, sorting a large ordered array is much faster than sorting a random or reverse array. For an array with a random length of N and NO duplicate primary keys, it is required to insert the sorting on average ~ (N ^ 2)/4 comparisons and ~ (N ^ 2)/4 exchanges. In the worst case ~ (N ^ 2)/2 c

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