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Implementation of ASP. Net Site cross-subdomain single point of login (SSO) Implementation of ASP. Net Site cross-subdomain single point of login (SSO) Implementation

Implementation of ASP. Net Site cross-subdomain Single Sign-On (SSO) In msdn's document "configure Forms authentication ( across

Example of 301 redirect configuration for domain name and directory in Nginx _nginx

301 Redirect is not unfamiliar, sometimes there is a need to redirect a directory whole to a level two domain name, or the top-level domain request without WWW is all redirected to the two-level domain name with www. If it is Apache, it needs to be implement 301 redirect without www domain name to the domain name with www

Some friends may use the method of comparing benzene, add Response.redirectpermanent method under each Controller. The simpler approach is to add the following code to the Global.axax.cs: The code is as follows Copy Code

ASP. NET Forms authentication implementing subdomain sharing and login Defects

1. What is single sign-onSingle Sign-on is a unified logon method among multiple web applications. Once a web application is logged on You do not need to log on again in sequence. All associated web applications exit in one place.   Ii. Defects in

In Forms authentication mode, multiple sites (with the same SubDomain) share the same user logon status

I read dudu's issue about the second-level domain name Cookie and Its Solution early this morning. I think the dudu principle is not very clear and I cannot determine the dudu code. FormsAuthentication. SetAuthCookie and add subordinate

WWW or no WWW is not the same! Fix with htaccess 301 redirect

This is an extremely important and yet simple to implement Seo tip about those "W's" you often see in a web address. this will seem basic to inform people, but it is shocking how often it is misunderstood, handled incorrectly, orOverlooked. If you

Cross-Domain Single Sign-On part 1-design blueprint)

Cross-Domain Single Sign-On part 1-design blueprint Http:// An independent domain name Single Sign-On solution. Introduction "On a Monday morning, you sigh in the office that the weekend

Implement Virtual Domain Name

  Implement Virtual Domain Name         Complete virtual domain name implementation requires three conditions:1. DNS server wildcard domain name resolution settings; 2. Web php asp JSP 301 redirect Code (set) _ Other synthesis

1, Linux host redirectGoDaddy Liunx host, GoDaddy itself has supported Apache, So you can create a. htaccess file directly, in general, you can't create it locally. htaccess can create a txt format file, and then rename it to ". htaccess" when

PHP program: DIY virtual Domain Name Service

Introduction: This is Php.Program: Virtual Domain Name Service DIY detailed page, describes and PHP, related knowledge, skills, experience, and some PHP source code. Class = 'pingjiaf' frameborder = '0' src = 'HTTP: //

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