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Redis admin UI (redis web interface management tool)

URL: : Http:// downloading the package, you can install IIS in an English Window. in Linux, I use mono + Apche + redis to install mono, which requires many dependent packages, the following is a reprinted message. I have time to update it. Install mono in Linux + mono + 05centos The most critical step is coming!Prerequisites FAQs A. xshell:

Introduction to Redis and Web management interface

? Seesion can all be transferred to 2th Tomcat,redis, when deploying the Tomcat cluster, you have to refer to Redis about seesion sharing----------------------Project: This is the configuration of the Redis cache Tomcat, in the Tomcat/conf/context.xmlHost= "" #这是redis服务器的ip地址Port= "6379" #这里是

Redis web interface management tool

A friendly redis web interface management tool. Based on. NET. You can use mono to deploy it on Linux. below is my deployment on centos 5.7 + mono 2.10.8 + jexus 5.0.1: What is P = 381 Project address: Source code:

Redis Web Interface Management tools

A very friendly Redis Web interface management tool. Based on. NET implementation. Can be deployed to Linux via Mono, below is my deployment in CentOS 5.7 + Mono 2.10.8 + Jexus 5.0.1:Detailed Description: Address: Https:// Https://

Redis Admin UI-A Redis UI management interface, redisui

Redis Admin UI-A Redis UI management interface, redisuiRedis Admin UI-A Redis UI Management Interface The Redis management UI consists of two parts: 1. an Ajax client Web application (

Redis source code analysis () --- redis-cli.c client command line interface implementation (1)

I analyzed the redis source code for nearly a month, and reached the core, closest to the beginning of the system. I named it the main directory, there are two important files, redis-CLI and redis files, one representing the client's execution file and the other representing the server's files, these two are also the most core modules of the entire system, so I w

Redis Source Analysis (32)---REDIS-CLI.C implementation of client command line interface (1)

Analysis of the Redis source code for nearly 1 months, but also to the most core, closest to the beginning of the system, I named him the main directory, which included 2 important documents, REDIS-CLI and Redis files, 1 represents the client's execution file, 1 represents the service-side file, these 2 are also the system's most core modules, so I put him down t

Redis Source Code Analysis (33) --- implementation of redis-cli.c client command line interface (2)

, set and other frequently used commands, which can be followed by multiple parameter commands, attribute command group commands, generally config get, such a single command is called a common command, Dump, Exist, and so on. There are not many CommandGroup commands as follows:/* All command groups */static char * commandGroups [] = {"generic", "string", "list", "set", "sorted_set", "hash ", "pubsub", "transactions",

Redis Visualizer Web Redis Manager

First, IntroductionRecently, because of the work needs, using some of the single-use Redis interface management tools, the use of the painful experience is really only used by the people to understand, for myself and the small partners to get started a Redis visualizer, but because the small partners recently busy work, More than half no time to continue (there w

Redis Web Server

expiration, and more.Here's the official Bench-mark data:The test completed 50 concurrent executions of 100,000 requests.The set and get value is a 256-byte string.Linux box is running Linux 2.6, which is X3320 Xeon 2.5 GHz.Text execution uses the loopback interface ( The write speed is 110,000 times/s, the reading speed is 81,000 times/s.Redis Common commands:In the case of DB, Redis sco

Redis Real-Life notes (2)-2nd. Building a web App using Redis

2nd. Building a web App using RedisMain contents of this Chapter 1. Login Cookie2. cookie3. Cache generated page 4. Cache database rows 5. Analyze Web Access records everything in this chapter revolves around discovering and resolving fake web retailer, a fictitious big online store, The store will have about 5 million different users each day, who will bring 100

"Redis Combat" Reading notes-Chapter II: Building Web Apps with Redis

the new token Redis Implementation Token Login Cookie: First, we will use a hash to store the mapping between the login cookie token and the logged-in user, to check if a user is logged in, to find the corresponding user based on the given token, and, if the user is already logged in, Returns the ID of the user Attempt to get and return the user of the token def check_token (Conn,token):return Conn.hget (' login: ', token) Update tokens: Each time

How does Redis installation and the Java Web combine with Redis?

How does Redis installation and the Java Web combine with Redis?

C ++ Redis mset binary data interface Encapsulation Scheme, redismset

C ++ Redis mset binary data interface Encapsulation Scheme, redismset C ++ Redis mset binary data interface Encapsulation SchemeRequirement Use the hiredis client interface in C ++ to access redis;You need to use mset to set multi

A cache interface demo written in php, compatible with redis and memcache

A cache interface demo written in php, compatible with redis and memcache /** * Factory method mode *------------- * @ Author zhangqian * @ Version v1.0 */ // Cache interface Interface cache { Public function init ($ conf ); Public fun

<Web> How to add a Redis service to a WEB project

ObjectiveThis two-day project used Redis, and I was preparing to see it myself, so I learned it from the beginning.Since to use, explain what has been done to Redis, what are the features, what are the benefits of the project, need to cache what things and so on have been known, so we directly engaged in:How to get RedisInstall Redis,linux under wget to GitHub so

PHP writes a cache interface demo, compatible with Redis and memcache

/** * Factory Method mode * ------------- * @author Zhangqian * @version v1.0 */ Cache interface Interface Cache { Public function init ($conf); Public Function Setval ($key, $val); Public Function Getval ($key); Public Function DelVal ($key); Public Function autoincreament ($key); } Mem Class Mymemcache implements Cache { Mymem

Open Web site tip: misconf Redis is configured to save RDB

1, Problem Description:To open a Web site with a browser tip: misconf Redis is configured to save RDB snapshots, but was currently not able to persist O n Disk. Commands that may modify the data set is disabled. Please check Redis logs for details about the error., the specific error is as follows:2. Environment:CentOS Environment:[Email prot

Redis Entry--java Interface

1. Maven ConfigurationDependency> groupId>Redis.clientsgroupId> Artifactid>JedisArtifactid> version>2.9.0version>Dependency>2. Java Operation Redis Data interface PackageCom.coshaho.learn.redis;ImportJava.util.HashMap;ImportJava.util.Iterator;Importjava.util.List;ImportJava.util.Map;ImportRedis.clients.jedis.Jedis;/*** * Create on November 4, 2017 4:40:39 * class function Descript

The Web site does not apply to Alipay interface, micro-letter interface, the implementation of the interface-free collection of several solutions _javascript

The Web site does not apply to Alipay interface, micro-letter interface, access-free access to the implementation of the way. Because the customer site needs to pay, but also apply for the interface, find a 3rd party interface, every few days, so the study of the current on

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