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Use Bitnami to build Redmine

Environment: CentOS 6.4: Https:// Build a mail server in your intranet (SendMail is used here)Insufficient: I feel uncomfortable that only using Apache as a Web serverTo start the

Centos6.5 redmine installation configuration, centos6.5redmine

Centos6.5 redmine installation configuration, centos6.5redmine First, we will introduce Baidu redmine: Redmine is a web-based project management software developed using Ruby. It is a cross-platform project management system developed using the ROR

Set up the redmine environment, mail service configuration, and LDAP configuration in centos5

I. As in the previous article, install the Apache server Ii. Install MySQL 1. Download : Http:// Download the following three files: MySQL-server-5.6.11-1.rhel5.i386.rpm MySQL-client-5.6.11-1.rhel5.i386.rpm MySQL-devel-5

Configuring Redmine under CentOS, as well as mail configuration and optimization

first, the installation of Redmine premise requirements 1. Installing the Redmine Ruby Environment version requires: Redmine version supported Ruby versions Rails version used 3.3, current trunk Ruby 1.9.3,

One-click installation of Redmine in RHEL6.4

Install Redmine with one click under RHEL6.4. One-click installation of redmine saves a lot of unnecessary time. Download: Bytes Install Redmine with one click under RHEL6.4. One-click installation of

Redmine database Backup and move

The backup of Bitnami Redmine is divided into 2 different ways:1. Export the database2. Entire Catalog moveNo matter what kind of want to stop the service, Redmine related services have the following 5: Redmineapache Redminemysql

Bitnami Redmine All Services lost repair method

A period of time in order to facilitate project management, in their own company's server set up a Bitnami Redmine, and then take a week off travel, come back but found Redmine not used!!!So immediately began to locate the problem, first, open the

Use Gitlab+redmine+jenkins under Centos7

Gitlab is better than SVN, ready to use Gitlab+redmine and move the code to Gitlab.Machine IP CentOS 7.1 one. Gitlab installation This time using the Yum installation method, the compilation and installation has not been

Bitnami-redmine Server Migration

1. BackgroundIn the Redmine server migration process, if the same version of the previous two redmine, things are simple, if the version is different, it is possible to face two version of the database is incompatible, it is more troublesome. This

Installing Redmine 2.5.2 under Windows is not a complete guide

I decided to introduce redmine in the project to manage the development tasks and plans, as for the advantages of Redmine, please give a mother or brain repair.Internet to search for. It's basically the old version number. 1.2.1 The most, I want a

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