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JS Regular mobile Phone Liang processing ab ABAB AABB

Beautiful number detection: The main can detect the connection number (positive connection 12345, 65432), AABB number, mobile phone number, date number (birthday, annual), Abbcabb, 3 more than repeat number. More type number detection can be

Regular Expression to determine the number nickname type

Nickname Detection: It can mainly detect Connection Numbers (12345, 65432), AABB, mobile phone number, date number (birthday number, year number), abbcabb number, and replay numbers with more than three digits. More types of number detection can

A regular expression matches a number, one or more __ regular expressions of a slash

When using match it, if no global flag (g) is set, the 0 elements of the array contain the entire match, and the 1th to n element packageContains any substring matches that have occurred in the match. This is equivalent to an Exec method that does

JS Common Custom Common Function summary

  This article has sorted out some JS common custom public functions such as checking whether the date format, judging whether the characters entered are Chinese, judging whether it is empty, fixed telephone, mobile phone number and so on   The

Common udfs in js _ basic knowledge-js tutorial

This article has sorted out some common js custom public functions, such as checking whether the date format is used, determining whether the input characters are Chinese, determining whether the input characters are empty, landline phone number,

Formvalidator example [from network]

Jquery formvalidator Form Verification plug-in Upgrade history   Bug Description: The ajaxvalidator function has an error after submission. If it stays on this page, triggering verification again will keep the prompt content in the onload

JS Common Custom Function Summary _ Basics

Copy Code code as follows: String.prototype.trim = function () { Return This.replace (/(^\s*) | ( \s*$)/g, ""); } Check to see if it's a date format function IsDate (DATESTR) { var result = Datestr.match (/(^ (1[8-9]\d{2}) | ( [2-9]\d{3}

How to Use the replace method in javascript

The replace method is a commonly used character replacement method in Javascript. It can directly replace a specified string or write multiple regular expression rules in the replace method to replace, the following describes how to use the replace

JavaScript Regular Expression notes

1. RecordingIn ECMAScript 3,Regular expression literals always share the same regexp instance, and each new RegExp instance created with the constructor is a new instance, and if you want to start retrieving a new string after a pattern match is

Javascript Date object Date Extension Method

Today, I have excerpted some methods related to date operations in js on the Internet. I 'd like to share with you.Copy codeThe Code is as follows:The specific extension method is as follows:ParseCHS -- static method. Parse common Chinese dates and

Javascript Date object Date Extension Method

Today, I have excerpted some methods related to date operations in js on the Internet. I 'd like to share with you. Copy codeThe Code is as follows: The specific extension method is as follows:ParseCHS -- static method. Parse common Chinese dates

Use of the Replace method for JavaScript

Replace is a method on a string object that enables you to replace some of the specified substrings in a string with another string. The usage is "string. Replace (Parm1,parm2)". Where Parm1 's old string can make a regular string, or it can be a

Javascript Date Object Date extension method _ Time Date

Today, some of the online excerpts of the operation date of the relevant methods, and now share with you. Copy Code code as follows: The following methods are specifically extended: parsechs--static method. Resolves the commonly

Javascript Verification Method

1. digit VerificationAn integer of 1.1/^ (-| \ + )? \ D + $/. Test (STR)An integer greater than 0 in 1.2 (used for verification of sent IDs)/^ \ D + $/. Test (STR)Verification of a negative integer of 1.3/^-\ D + $/. Test (STR)2. Time2.1 short time,

Common JS Verification Code

Common JS Verification Code // Whether the verification function isempty (s) {var lll = trim (s); If (lll = NULL | lll. length = 0) return true; elsereturn false ;} // Delete the space function ltrim (STR) {If (Str. length = 0) Return (STR); else

JS Regular Expressions

Well, let's say a few times. Last year, C # was used to make a small syntactic highlight item. According to the information in the preparation file Code Format it into HTML so that it can display the same effect of syntax element highlighting as in

Miscellaneous --

Tip 1-prevent JS from caching CSS as well******************************Prohibit copying, cutting, and right-built Oncontextmenu = "event. returnvalue = false" oncopy = "event. returnvalue = false"Oncut = "event. returnvalue = false" The text box

SED single-line script Quick Reference (Stream Editor) page 1/2

Sed (stream editor) Function Description: Uses scripts to process text files.Syntax: sed [-hnV] [-e ] [-f ] [text file]Note: sed can process and edit text files according to script instructions.Parameters:-E or -- expression = processes input

Regular Expression Summary

I. Regular telephone number Http:// E = 7hz5x % 2bozdswsvvyc5jts79au1q % 3d % 3d & P = mm_24156262_0_0 $ (). Ready (function (){ $ ("# Btnphone"). BIND ("click", function (){ JavascriptCode VaR A =/^ (0 [0-9] {2, 3 }\

Correction of the tofixed () method in the system using JavaScript

0.009.tofixed (2) should have returned the result of 0.01, But it returns a 0.00 error. This is a bug in this method, and this method has a high requirement on the JS version of the client, at least this method cannot be used in ie5.0, so I wrote

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