rot 13

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Manually decrypt ROT-5 & amp; 18 hash

This tutorial is for those who don't know about ROT if you know it don't bother reading.PS: The Points (.) are for spacing Introduction Some people send ROT type of emails to confuse unwanted readers thinking it's a mysterious language.Same with

CSU1567: Reverse Rot (water question)

CSU1567: Reverse Rot (water question) 1567: Reverse RotTime Limit: 1 Sec Memory Limit: 128 MB Submit: 150 Solved: 82 [Submit] [Status] [Web Board] Description A very simplistic scheme, which was used at one time to encode information, is to

ASP programming BASICS (13): ad & content rot

Author: cnbruce resending from: 5D multimedia The strength of ASP is not limited to accepting and displaying interactions, but also to using ActiveX components for more powerful web applications. So What Are ActiveX components? How does it work?

Nehe OpenGL tutorial (14)

Lesson 1Graphic Font: In this lesson, we will teach you how to draw 3D graphic fonts that can be transformed like normal 3D models. This lesson continues with the content of the previous lesson. In Lesson 13th, we learned how to use bitmap fonts. In

Introductory steps for ASP programming (13): Ad & Content Rot

The power of programming ASPs is not limited to accepting and displaying interactions, it is more about using ActiveX components for more powerful Web applications. What exactly is an ActiveX component? And how does it work? The ActiveX server

Nehe OpenGL Tutorial Lesson 14th: Graphic Fonts

Go from "translation" Nehe OpenGL tutorialObjectiveStatement, this Nehe OpenGL tutorial series of articles by 51 blog yarin Translation (2010-08-19), this blog for reprint and a little collation and modification. Thank you for compiling Nehe's

MD5 Delphi source code

// Tabs = 2// Configure //-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------//// MD5 message-digest for Delphi 4//// Delphi 4 unit implementing// RSA Data Security, Inc. MD5 message-Digest algorithm////

ASP Programming Basics (13): Ad & Content Rot

The strength of ASP is not limited to accepting and displaying interactions, but also to using ActiveX components for more powerful Web applications.So what are ActiveX components? How does it work? In fact, ActiveX Server Components (ActiveX Server

2018-03-13 Linux Learning

9.4 sed (UP)Sed tool example sed-n ' 5 ' p test.txt sed-n ' 1,5 ' p test.txt sed-n ' 1,$ ' P test.txt sed-n '/root/' P test.txt sed -N '/^1/' P test.txt sed-n ' in$ ' P test.txt sed-n '/R. o/' P test.txt sed-n ' oo* ' P test.txt sed-e ' 1 ' p-e '/111

Available MD5 algorithms for delphi xe

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: unit MD5; Interface UsesWindows, Messages, SysUtils, Variants, Classes, Graphics, Controls, Forms,Dialogs, StdCtrls; TypeMD5Count = array [0 .. 1] of DWORD;MD5State = array [0 .. 3] of DWORD;MD5Block = array [0 .. 15

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