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W3wp.exe has a debugger attached, but the debugger is not configured to debug this unhandled exception, to debug this exception, you must detach the current debugger.

Before debugging the project by using the VS2010 attach process, today the boot found debugging this machine project error such as:Looking around the web without fruit, after repeated experiments to find a solution, my project is published to IIS1. First delete the items above IIS2. In the VS right-click Project--Properties->web-> Click Create virtual directory (i.e. recreate one)Ok problem solved, this problem toss me 2 hours, tried a lot of methods such as re-register the framework, restart II

How to Use the ruby development tool (RDT) Plug-in eclipse for Ruby Development

. associate a Ruby interpreter with the Environment For the ruby version you are using, you need to point the "location" text field to the bin directory, and then RDT will select all other required information. Once you associate the interpreter, you are ready to run the application.   9. Run the ruby Application Running a ru

Use Win32 debug API to create your own debugger Debugger

Many of our friends dream of having their own debugger program. Today we will create one by ourselves. As a debugger program, the most basic functional framework is to complete two tasks:Start the target program.Monitors the running of the Target Program in real time and responds accordingly.We need to build our own debugger program. In fact, we only need to comp

How to: Use the debugger Variable Window to set the format used to display values in the debugger window to decimal or hexadecimal

Visual Studio Debugger How to: Use the debugger Variable Window The Visual Studio debugger provides several windows, collectively referred to as variable windows, which are used to display variable information during debugging. Each Variable Window is a grid window, which contains three columns: "name", "value", and "type ". The "name" column displays t

Debugger PHP Server debug Zend Debugger Installation Tutorial

In fact, the debugging capabilities of Zend Studio (which I referred to as "Zde" later) are divided into internal debugging and remote debugging. Internal debugging is the initial debugging of the code with ZDE built-in PHP (4, 52 versions), and we focus on remote debugging because it can fully simulate a real-world operating environment. Remote debugging requires server-side component support, our content today is how to install the server-side debugging environment, the use of the debug compon

Universe Strongest Debugger DDD (Data Display Debugger)

Linux Main debugger is GDB, but it is a pure command line interface, debugging is not convenient, I need more powerful power. After experimenting with a variety of tools, I believe I found it, yes, that's it--the universe's strongest debugger--ddd. DDD IntroductionDDD Full name Data Display Debugger, when I first saw it, its interface really let me take a s

W2wp.exe has a debugger attached, but the debugger is not configured to debug this unhandled exception

First, the problem descriptionYesterday, the system was linked, using the VS2010 attachment process, the W2wp.exe process is added to the VS2010 debugging process, so that other systems access our system, you can capture breakpoints for debuggingHowever, today F5 debugging, found that the direct error "W2wp.exe has a debugger attached, but the debugger is not configured to debug this unhandled exception." T

Debugger Optimizer and debugger compatibility problem solving method

Zendextensionmanager.dll--zend Extension Manager Zend Extension Manager Minimalist installation Tutorial: 1, installation Zend Optimizer 3.3.0a: This will put the Zend Extension Manager v1.2.0, and plug in the Zend Optimizer 3.3.0a. Zend Extension Manager principle: 1, open php.ini, find [Zend] Zend_extensi Zend_extension_manager.optimizer_ts= "e:\Zend\ZendOptimizer-3.3.0\lib\Optimizer-3.3.0" Let me explain: When you install only optimizer or

ILSpy ( and ilspy2.2.0.1738 with a Debugger (Debugger)

ILSpy ( and ilspy2.2.0.1738 with a Debugger (Debugger) Do not like too much nonsense. directly add the attachment: ILSpy_2_2.0_1738_with_debugger.rar Some netizens may need the source code and transfer it to Baidu online storage: Source code download Tip: 1. Do not decompress the package to the current directory after the download (the compressed package root directory is a file, you kn

The back-end debugger about Eric 6 cannot start error [the Debugger backend could not be started]

Statement:1) This article is written by my Bitpeach original. If you have reproduced this article, please specify the source.2) This article is mainly about Eric6 a strange mistake. Because the length is not long, just a short note, in case of file inspection.1.1 Software Environment(1) EIRC6, version number: 6.0.5(2) PyQt4.11.3(3) Python2.7.3(4) Windows71.2 Error types(1) Back-end debugger failed to start error(2) The English description is: The

Qt creater 3.3.2 (Qt5.4.1) Win7 Installing the Debugger debugger

Win7 after the installation of QT after the use of debug will prompt no debugger setup, can not be debugged.Windows platform requires users to install Windows DEBUGGER,QT themselves withoutGo to downloadBottom, left lower Standalone debugging Tools for Windows (WINDBG)To download, install, you can select only install debugging Tools for Windows.Inst

[Resolved] Waiting for Debugger application are waiting for the Debugger of Attach force close box is always displayed

Waiting for Debugger application are waiting for the Debugger to attach force close this box has been shown This question I looked for a good long time, on-line check a variety of methods have tried, such as restarting the phone, or even upgrade Android Studio, set the development mode inside the allowed programs, re-allow USB debugging, But the above method is useless, and finally found that my problem i

"Go" WinDbg debugger: Automatically connect debugger methods when starting programs

When we debug a service process or child process, it cannot be started directly with the debug loading process, and the debugger method needs to be automatically connected when the program is started:First step: The registry expands to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options Path;The second step: in the image File execution options on the right mouse button, the new "item", the item name is the

vs2012 The debugger is not installed correctly. Please run Setup to install or repair the debugger.

1. Try to re-register the MSCorDbi.dll (regsvr32 mscordbi.dll) file at the command line, which is located (c:/winnt/ please find this corresponding directory of your native computer).2. Try re-registering Oleaut32.dll (regsvr32 oleaut32.dll) on the command line3, run C:/Program Files/common files/microsoft shared/vs7debug below the Mdm.exe/regserverThe commands you run above are entered in the Visual Studio. NET command prompt and are valid only if you want to go

[Share] solves the problem of "the process cannot be displayed. The debugger is not correctly installed. Run the installer to install or repair the debugger ." Incorrect method.

Debug with Visual Studio 2003 process yesterday ProgramThe system prompts "the process cannot be displayed. The debugger is not correctly installed. . Run the installer to install or repair the debugger. "Error. I want to share the solution with you!The solution is as follows:1, EnterServices. MSC: Check whether the machine debug Manager service is available. If yes, start the service. If no, execute st

Chrome-based nodejs debugger usage and chromenodejs Debugger

Chrome-based nodejs debugger usage and chromenodejs Debugger I have been learning nodejs for a long time. Unfortunately, I have never insisted on it. I have always wanted to use the express framework of nodejs with mysql to develop a small website. The user registration function has not yet been implemented. This is to be continued. Teachers who are willing to help me ~ I am not very grateful to see my art

An error occurred while trying to run the project. debugging cannot be started. The debugger is not correctly installed. Run the installer to install or restore the debugger.

When you debug a project with visual 2003, the error dialog box is displayed as follows: An error occurred while trying to run the project. debugging cannot be started. The debugger is not correctly installed. Run and installProgramInstall or restore the debugger. The solution is as follows: 1. Try to register mscordbi again in the command line. DLL (command line Input: regsvr32 mscordbi

Visual Studio 2003 "Unable to start debugging does not correctly install debugger" Fix debugger workaround

When using VS2003 to do the project, often debug the program, but sometimes back to the following problems: "Unable to start debugging, the debugger is not installed correctly, please run the installer or repair the debugger." The first time I met thought it was bad luck, re-use the VS2003 installer to re-repair the tool, you can use. But it ran for a while and appeared like this problem, depressed me for a

The xcode debugger (debugger) cannot locate the exception and throw points.

Xcode debugger (debugger) cannot locate the exception throw pointThis book has mentioned multiple times: "When an application throws an exception, the debugger will executeCodeStop at the exception throw point ". In the current version of ios sdk,During application debugging, xcode's debugger may not stop the Execution

Bill: 360 Browser, chrome debugging (Debugger) JS always goes into paused in debugger state

In the Web front-end development through Chrome browser, we often use Chrome's own debugger tool, but often after the shortcut key (F12), the page will go into paused in debugger state, you need to click on the upper right corner of the deactivate Breakpoints Button continues, very inconvenient.The main reason is that the previous development of the time inadvertently clicked on the lower left corner of the

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