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How to view CAD drawings on Samsung Galaxy A9 star mobile phone

Brilliance Yu endorsement of Samsung Galaxy A9 Star is a fire to explode, enjoy multiple benefits heard the chance to get a Mars concert limited tickets, is not particularly like, then on the business trip you, how to view the CAD drawings on the Samsung phone? Here's how to share with you!1. First take out our

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (N9100 public edition double 4G) restore official and save Bricks

various reasons for the failure of the brush machine can not be turned on a workaround. Related Downloads Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (N9100 Public Edition dual 4G) firmware download: Click to download Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (N9100 pub

Samsung Galaxy J7 Mobile Phone How to view battery usage details

1. We found a "utility" folder on the desktop in the Samsung Galaxy J7 interface.2. Then in the utility you will see a "smart manager" and we need to click on it to open the entry.3. Here we just click "Use Network Connection"-"OK". (. )4. In the access to the interface we found "battery", can check the remaining battery charge and the time to use the device and

Samsung G6000 Mobile phone view WLAN usage? (Galaxy On7)

If you need to see how the WLAN is used, follow these steps:1. Under the Standby page, click "Application".2. Click "Set".3. Click on "Flow Monitoring".4. Click "More".5. Select "Show WLAN Usage".6. Can display WLAN item, click "WLAN".7. You can view the amount of WLAN usage over a period of time. All right, the above is a small series for you to tidy up the Samsung

Samsung mobile phone Galaxy S7 How do I view intercepted information?

If you want to view information that has been intercepted, follow these steps:1. Under the Standby page, click "Information".2. Click "More".3. Click "Settings".4. Click "Intercept Info".5. Click on "Intercept Information".6. At this point, if there is intercepted information can be viewed. Well, the above is we to give you introduced to see the information has been intercepted all the operation method, in

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