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Samsung Gear S3 How to brush machine? Intelligent Watch Gear S3 Brush Machine Tutorial

connection mode from wired into wireless. For smart watches, the brush table usually has two functions, the first is to experience the latest version of the test firmware, the second is to solve the long-term use of the system after the abnormal problems, if you plan to buy this watch, recommend the way of its brush in advance to understand. Brush Table Notes: 1. Brush the table has the risk, because brushes the table to produce any consequence oneself to undertake;

How does Samsung Galaxy Alpha Connect Gear Fit? (g8508s)

1. Under the Standby page, click "Application". 2. Select "Samsung application Store". 3. Read "Disclaimer" and click "Accept". 4. Click the "Search" icon in the upper-right corner of the screen. 5. Enter "Gear fit Manager" in the Search field and click on the "Search" icon at the bottom right.

Samsung Updates Gear VR Virtual reality browser for the first time

Navigating the web via VR is not a problem, but you need a dedicated VR browser, and Gearvr's virtual reality app is called "Samsung Internet for Gear VR". After the launch last December, it ushered in the first update and introduced some key features to provide more immersive virtual reality services.The app allows users to browse the Web on a large virtual scre

Samsung Gear S2 Classic How do I export a picture to a mobile device? (R732)

To export the pictures from the Samsung Gear S2 classic album to a mobile device, follow these steps: Note: This is an example of a successful connection between gear and Samsung mobile Phone (5). 1. Under the Watch screen, slide the screen to the left.2. Click "Applicat

Teach you to save electricity: Samsung Note4 Province electric Skills Inventory (1/2)

How can Samsung NOTE4 save electricity? Power Saving Skills Inventory: 1) Reduce the brightness of the screen. By setting the-> sound and display settings-> brightness adjustment screen brightness to the appropriate value, in fact, the Android phone screen brightness even if the minimum can be very clear, but can be effective in saving electricity, for the support of optical sensor mobile phone can also be checked "automatic adjustment (Ligh

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