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Use Google-Authenticator to enhance server SSH Login

Use Google-Authenticator to enhance server SSH LoginFor people who need special encryption, I will provide a method for Google-based encryption. The procedure is as follows: Preparation:First, prepare the client on your mobile phone (Baidu download by yourself)Run the following command:Date: view system timeDate-s 03/

How does one establish a two-factor authentication mechanism (Google authenticator) for SSH Login )?

By default, SSH has used secure data communication between remote machines. However, if you want to add another security layer for your SSH connection, you can add Google Authenticator) the two-factor authentication module allows you to enter a random one-time password (TOTP) Verification code when connecting to the SSH server. When you connect, you have to enter

What is the implementation of Google verification (Google Authenticator)?

Copyright belongs to the author.Commercial reprint please contact the author for authorization, non-commercial reprint please specify the source.Xu XiaohuaLinks: KnowWhen you turn on Google Login Two step verification (ie Google Authenticator service), users need to enter an additional one-time passwor

Google Authenticator in CentOS configures the dynamic verification code for SSH login

ssh服务 to make configuration effective Vi. use Google authenticator Pam plugin to generate dynamic verification code for SSH login account Note: Which account needs dynamic verification code, please switch to this account operation Google-authenticator #运行此命令 Do your want authentication to

Java implementation Google Two step verification (Google Authenticator)

account in the authenticator, enter the account name (user TestUser in the first step), key (the key generated in the first step), select time based. ////4, run Authcode method will key and the verification code to be tested in (Codes,key), you can know is not the correct secret key! return value Boolean//I'm not going to write about this, because this can be called directly as a util tool.//Importjava.sec

Two-step verification killer: Java Access Google Authenticator combat

= new GoogleAuthenticator(); boolean r = ga.verifCode(secret, code); System.out.println("是否正确:" + r); }}The first method is to generate a key and a URL that scans the two-dimensional code bindings.The second method is to validate against the key and the verification code.The source code logic reference for the Googleauthenticator class is provided here only. If there is a harve

Two-step verification killer: Java Access Google Authenticator combat

Two-Step verification Should everyone be familiar with two-step verification? If Apple has its own two-step verification strategy to prevent user account password theft and lock the phone to blackmail, this is not uncommon, so Apple recommends that you open two-step verification. Google's authenticator is also typically used for two-step verification of login, and Apple's two-step verification is the same. Only Google's authentication is used more br

Linux uses Google Authenticator to implement two-factor authentication for ssh Login, authenticatorssh

Linux uses Google Authenticator to implement two-factor authentication for ssh Login, authenticatorssh 1. Introduction Two-factor authentication: two-factor authentication is an identity authentication system that combines all the two elements you know and what you have to make a difference. Two-factor authentication is a system that uses time synchronization technology. It uses a one-time password generate

Linux uses Google authenticator to enable SSH login two-factor authentication

Name/IP address stratum Poll Reach Lastrx last sample===============================================================================^? 0 6 010y +0ns[+0ns] +/-0ns^* 6 - 0+113us[+284us] +/-28ms^?2001:D A8:202:Ten:: A 0 6 010y +0ns[+0ns] +/-0ns^? 2 6 Ten 8+2011us[+949us] +/-127ms[[email protected]~]#DateSaturday, December 31, 2016 the: -: -Cst3.2 Installing dependent componentsYum Install -y git automake libtool pam-devel3.3 Download

Linux SSH dual factor login with Google Authenticator

just need to flip the wall to see it.1) Google-authenticator will generate a. google_authenticator file in your home directoryAt the same time will inquire about some mechanisms and methods, if you do not understand the words are good all the wayDo your want authentication tokens to be time-based#是否基于时间生成密码, this authentication method is divided into hopt and topt, one is based on counter to calculate, one

CentosSSH uses Google Authenticator for secondary verification

Your new secret key is: www. haiyun. meYour verification code is 582849 Your emergency scratch codes are: 30776626 14200155 80795568 23936997 21919909 # the above lines of numbers are emergency codes Do you want me to update your "/root /. google_authenticator "file (y/n) y # update the configuration file Do you want to disallow multiple uses of the same authenticationtoken? This restricts you to one login about every 30 s, but it increasesyour chanc

Google Authenticator strengthens Linux account security

Authenticator on your phone (or a piece of software called onion). Add an account to the Open app interface, and then there will be two choices: Scan the barcode (QR code), or choose the key that the output provides, either.Where do these two messages come from? Before executing the google-authenticator command, the first output of the information, the HTTP URL,

An analysis of the working principle of the new Google Authenticator verification system introduced in Android _android

To improve the security of Android, Google has introduced Google's verification app (Google Authenticator) to secure its account in Android. Google verified the use of the application is: Users install mobile clients, generate temporary authentication code, submitted to the server

Microsoft's Future "Soul"--sql Server 2005 Secret

server| Microsoft Killer Code "Yukon" Www.yestar2000iTbulo.comuYGqwqB It's been 15 years since Microsoft released SQL Server 1.0 in 1989, and in the 15-year SQL Server, from scratch, from small to large, has gone through the legends of time and time again. It eats into the market share of IBM and Oracle databases, and the next generation of SQL

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