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How to use Rails and seven cow cloud storage, create a picture sharing in 15 minutes social application prototype _ server other

that provides massive object storage capabilities, as well as cloud file processing and distribution services. Before we start, we need to create a seven-cow cloud storage trial account and learn some basics: Seven Neu Yun storage is a key-value form of the object storage System, a Key corresponding to a resource (file).A resource must be stored in a space (Bucket) and not exist separately. An account can create multiple spaces. Create a basic Rails

Installing the _ruby feature on the Ubuntu 12.04 Server deployment Ruby on Rails application

This tutorial is only suitable for Ubuntu Server to deploy the project to the line, it is recommended to use the same Ubuntu version, so as not to encounter some different versions of the problem. This tutorial is suitable for beginners to deploy Rails applications for the first time; This article tests through the environment Ubuntu 12.04

Using JRuby on Rails and XML to enhance AJAX through a Java application server

The Ruby on Rails framework provides some very handy XML features that make it easier to use database data for development and to provide XML-formatted database data for JavaScript applications. JavaScript also has built-in XML parsing capabilities, so it is easy to receive and parse XML-formatted data. But what if you want to access a Java™ application without deploying an additional server? This is JRuby'

Rails + nginx server deployment

: This article describes how to deploy the Rails + nginx server. if you are interested in the PHP Tutorial, refer to it. The native nginx server does not meet the conditions for deploying rails. Therefore, you need to use the nginx modified by passenger. Ps: Rails's request receiving model is a process

Ruby on Rails server file upload

Recently looked at Ruby on rails and tried to integrate dynamic WEB Twain into Ruby on Rails. Here's how to do file uploads in rails with a few lines of code. Reference original: How to Load, Scan and Upload Files with Ruby on Rails Desmond Shaw Translation: Yushulx Software Installation Dynamic Web TWAIN 11.

Ubuntu Server automatically installs and deploys the Rails Environment

Do you need to install and deploy Rails to a new Web Server frequently?Are you still experiencing the annoying installation process from installing Ruby Rubygems MySQL... to installing Web Server components?Now you can use this script to deploy Ruby1.8 + Rails + Passenger + Nginx on the Ubuntu

Apache Server installation and deployment of rails applications using the passenger plugin

passenger users GuideThat is, the default is the production environment, if you use the development environment when debugging, you need to add a line railsenv development in the Apache configuration file, so the correct configuration is. 12345678910111213 VirtualHost*:80>ServerName localhostDocumentRoot /var/wwwDirectory/var/www>Allow from allDirectory>RailsBaseURI /simple-cmsRailsEnv developmentDirectory/var/www/simple_cms>Options -MultiViewsDirectory>VirtualHost> Res

MongoDB build a picture server for Rails projects

used by the company was low, the associated gem was a bit of a match for the newer rails version (the rails version of this demo is 4.2.6). Many problems, and the related configuration is too cumbersome and complex, I decided to use only MongoDB's official Ruby driver to achieve the image upload function. The following gems are used in the company's projects to achieve picture uploads: # GemfileGem ' Car

Rails+nginx Server Deployment

The native Nginx server does not meet the requirements of rails deployment and therefore requires the use of passenger-rewritten nginx. Ps: Rails accepts the requested model as a process that processes a request, a single process is less efficient, and typically requires multiple processes to be opened Passenger is the

Install Apache server in Ubuntu and use the Passenger plug-in to deploy Rails Applications

Install the Apache server and use the passenger plug-in to deploy the rails Application Based on Ubuntu12.04LTS. A small example can be deployed on WEBrick of rails, and Apache will be available later. Install the apache server command is the sudoapt-getinstallapache2 installation passenger plug-in installation is not

Rails connection to SQL Server (ZT and supplement)

This is from the jouy International blog, which is listed separately from the book. Try it on your own. Rails provides good support for My SQL and can be connected without any configuration. However, SQL server connections are cumbersome. The following describes how to use an ADO driver provided by ruby-DBI for connection. If one-click installer is installed to install Ruby, all required packages for connec

Rvm nginx passenger rails configuration server

Rvm nginx pasnix rails configuration server install passenger1gem install pasnix install ngnix 1passenger-install-nginx-module has installed nginx and pasnix, default configuration and command 1 # configure 2/opt/nginx/conf/nginx. conf3 command 4/opt/nginx/sbin/nginx modify default file 1 http {2 passenger_root/Library/Ruby/Gems/1.8/gems/passenger-4.0.5; 3 passenger_ruby/System/Library/Frameworks/Ruby. fram

Resolving Rails Server Error issues

sam@linux-qo4p:~/front/ror|master⚡⇒ Rails Server Ignoring RedCloth-4.2.9 because it extensions are not built. Try:gem Pristine RedCloth-4.2.9 Ignoring posix-spawn-0.3.9 because its extensions are not built. T Ry:gem pristine posix-spawn-0.3.9 Ignoring rdiscount- because its extensions are not built. try:gem pri Stine rdiscount- /usr/lib/ruby/site_ruby/2.0.0/rubygems/core_ext/kernel_require.

RVM Nginx Passenger Rails configuration Server

Install passenger 1 Gem Install passenger Install Ngnix 1 Passenger-install-nginx-module Nginx and passenger are already installed, default configuration and commands 1 #配置 2 /opt/nginx/conf/nginx.conf 3 Command 4 /opt/nginx/sbin/nginx Modify the default file 1 HTTP { 2 passenger_root/library/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/passenger-4.0.5; 3 Passenger_ruby/system/library/frameworks/ruby.framework/versions/1.8/usr/bin/ruby; 4 Rack_env gabriellocal; Prepare

Ubuntu 12.04 Rails Server Error EXECJS

New apps are created, use Rails server to launch a look, oops! It turns out that there is no JavaScript running environment. 12 $ rails server /usr/local/lib/ruby/gems/1.9.1/gems/execjs-1.4.0/lib/execjs/runtimes.rb:51:in `autodetect‘: Could not find a JavaScript runtime. See

Configure Ruby on Rails in OS x to access the SQL Server database.

ArticleDirectory Step 1: Install freetds Step 2: Install tiny_tds Step 3: Install activerecord_sqlserver_adapter Step 4: Modify the gemfile in the root directory of the ROR project and add the following two sentences: Step 5: Run bundle install Step 6: Modify database. yml Finally, success After a long time of hard work, Ror can finally access the SQL Server database in OS X. Record the operation process here so that

Android ListView slide load data that data is fetched by the server

(Abslistview view, int firstvisibleitem,int visibleitemcount, int totalitemcount) {if (firstvisibleitem + visibleitemcount = = Totalitemcount) {if (Mthread = = NULL | |!mthread.isalive ()) {Mthread = new Thread () {public void Run () {Read data from the Web This is my own data to read from the server, individuals need to write their own Internet access to read dataHttpservice service = new Httpserviceimpl ();String i = (Ten * (unb-1) + 1) + ""; I is

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