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Process and Scheduled Tasks

Process Concepts 内核的功用:进程管理,文件系统,网络功能,内存管理,驱动程序,安全功能等process:运行中的程序的一个副本,是被载入内存的一个指令集合 进程ID 号码被用来标记各个进程 UID,GID和SELinux语境决定对文件系统的存取和访问权限通常从执行进程的用户来继承 存在生命周期task struct:linux内核存储进程信息的数据结构格式task list:多个任务的task struct组成的链表进程创建:

Managing Linux servers in bulk with ansible: Configuring Inventory and Batch execution commands

Ansible is a relatively new automated operations tools, based on Python development, the collection of many operations tools (puppet, Cfengine, Chef, func, fabric) The advantages of the implementation of batch system configuration, batch program

Process and Scheduled Tasks

Concept of the process:In the Linux system, all commands have operation or operation permissions, the same command for different users have different permissions, these permissions belong to the file's property information. So we probably know that

Ansible Module Learning

Ansible through the way of the module to complete some remote management work. You can view all modules through ansible-doc-l, you can use Ansible-doc-s module to view the parameters of a module, or you can use Ansible-doc Help module to view more

Linux Learning Summary (74) automated Operation Koriyuki Ansible

A ansible IntroductionDoes not need to install the client, through the sshd to communicateModule-based work, modules can be developed in any languageNot only supports command line use of modules, but also supports writing YAML format playbook, which

Under Linux, those services can be disabled __linux

My CentOS 6.0 NTSYSV configuration, the following enable, other full

Ansible Common Modules

Ansible notesHosts: remote hostUser: Users who are executing the task groupRemote_user: Same as usersudo: If set to Yes, the user performing the task group gets root permission when the task is performed.Sudo_user: If you set user to Tom,sudo as Yes,

Use crontab for VPS automation on Linux vps/servers

VPS or server often need VPS or server often need to regularly backup data, scheduled to restart a service or scheduled execution of a program and so on, generally in Linux use crontab,windows below is the use of scheduled tasks (win is the

Ansible @ an efficient configuration management tool-ansible configure management-translation (9)

If you do not have written authorization, do not reprint it. Chapter 4 Use of ansible in large projects New features in 1.3There are two features in Ansible 1.3 that were alluded to previously in the chapter.The first feature is the metadata roles.

Detailed introduction to Centos Log Analysis

1. Understand log filesLinux Log files are the most useful. Log Files let us know the status of the system. For example, you can find out which users have logged on, which also involves related security issues. If we do not know how to analyze logs,

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