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DICOM Image Viewer for iPad

DICOM viewer Luo chaohui ( CC license, reprinted please indicate the source It took several days to create a simple DICOM viewer. Instead of using the DCMTK library, the viewer transplanted a

[Post] simple explanation of DICOM protocol

DICOM. This is partly because DICOM's "learning curve is too steep". The existing DICOM introduction materials are not too technical for radiation experts, writing to senior management personnel is too superficial for radiation experts.Why do we have to charge weekly stamps for such a seemingly simple item? The answer is that things are not as

Create a DICOM dataset and keep it to the simple sample code of the file

Simple sample code for creating a DICOM dataset and keeping it to a file: Char uid [100];Dcmfileformat fileformat;Dcmdataset * dataset = fileformat. getdataset ();Dataset-> putandinsertstring (dcm_sopclassuid, uid_secondarycaptureimagestorage );Dataset-> putandinsertstring (dcm_sopinstanceuid, dcmgenerateuniqueidentifier (UID, site_instance_uid_root ));Dataset-> putandinsertstring (dcm_patientname, "doe ^

JQuery implements a simple image viewer and jquery implements a viewer.

JQuery implements a simple image viewer and jquery implements a viewer. The project diy an image viewer. Because the initial code is not your own, but it is not very beautiful after being changed. If you have time to rewrite the style and encapsulation, just accumulate as a slave. If some shoes are useful, you can modi

jquery implements a simple picture viewer _jquery

DIY a picture viewer in your project. Because the initial code is not their own, but it was changed on the top did not get very beautiful. After a while there is time to rewrite the style and encapsulation, as a spare just accumulate it. If there are children's shoes useful, can be modified on this basis, easier, the code is relatively simple There are several main features of the picture

iOS Development UI chapter-a simple Browser viewer program

iOS Development UI chapter-a simple Browser viewer programFirst, the implementation requirements of the program1. Requirements2. Interface Analysis(1) controls that need to read or modify properties need to set propertiesOrdinal labelImagePicture descriptionLeft buttonRight button(2) need to listen to the object of the response event, need to add a listening methodLeft buttonRight buttonSecond, the implemen

QT Project Combat 2: Simple Picture Viewer (1)

In the post, the use of an empty QT project to create an interface with a menu bar and a toolbar is described.Here, use a simple picture viewer project to familiarize yourself with the image display and basic operations of QT.The project is divided into two parts:(1) To achieve the opening, closing, center display, previous/Next switch of the picture(2) To achieve

Simple Windows Password Viewer

[Title]: simple Windows Password Viewer[Time]: 2009-10-09[Abstract]: Obtain the window control handle at the current mouse using a global hook, and then call GetWindowText () to obtain the Password text.[Keyword]: Password, view, asterisk, global Hook, Hook, WM_COPYDATA, DLL, XP style[Environment]: Visual Studio 2008, Visual C ++ 6.0[Author]: Heaven dew ( [Body]: This password

iOS development-A simple picture viewer

text] substringtoindex:1] integervalue]; Nsinteger Allcount=[_imagearr Count]; if (currentindex==1) {currentindex=allcount; }else{currentindex=currentindex-1; }//Set label [_pagelabel settext:[nsstring stringwithformat:@ "%ld/%ld", Currentindex, (Long) allcount]]; Get the name of the picture nsstring *imagename=[nsstring stringwithformat:@ "girl%ld.jpg", (long) currentIndex-1]; UIImage *image=[uiimage Imagenamed:imagename]; [_imageview Setimage:image]; }//Show Next-(Ibacti

JQuery implements simple image Viewer _ jquery

This article mainly introduces jQuery's implementation of simple image Viewer related information. If you need a friend, you can refer to the project to diy an image viewer. Because the initial code is not your own, but it is not very beautiful after being changed. If you have time to rewrite the style and encapsulation, just accumulate as a slave. If some shoes

Ios-ui-A Simple browser viewer program

); - $ } the the-(Ibaction) Lastpicture: (ID) Sender { the_index--; theNsdictionary *dict = self.pic[self.index-1]; -Self.lblIndex.text = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%ld/%ld", Self.index,self.pic.count]; inSelf.picture.image =[uiimage imagenamed:dict[@" Picture"]]; theSelf.lblTitle.text = dict[@"title"]; the Aboutself.btnLast.enabled = (_index-1!=0); theself.btnnext.enabled = (_index! =self.pic.count); the } the @endDevelopment ideas:1. Complete the basic function2. Consider performance(

A simple class Viewer

In order to analyze the technical architecture of competitor products (codenamed I6, which is used, I won't talk about it anymore), I made a class viewer myself. Originally, we could see using ildasm or some. Net anti-compilers, but these tools have some shortcomings. For example, the bin directory contains. 20. NET components. When you use these tools to view them, 20 level-1 treenode will be displayed, even if many classes are under one namespace (

[Original] simple image Viewer for flex beginners

blend to drag some interface elements to create a simple interface. The extension standards and programming languages are commensurate. in WPF, C # can be used to implement all the functions of XAML, otherwise. In Flex, I am not sure if this is the case, but in the process of doing so, I found that using it together is the most reasonable. 2. Flex is of course the most popular development tool for RIA (rich Internet applications) nowadays. I think

Content Viewer (a simple phone SMS bug)

=context.getcontentresolver (); / / query detection of the machine's system SMS Cursorcursor= Recolver.query (uri,newstring[]{ "address", "body", "type", "date" NBSP;} ,null, null, "Datedesc"); cursor.movetofirst () ; //Get SMS Message String Address=cursor.getstring (0) ;stringbody =cursor.getstring (1) ;inttype= cursor.getint (2) ;longdate= Cursor.getlong (3) NBSP;;NBSP;NBSp;if (TYPENBSP;==NBSP;2) {stringd=new SimpleDateFormat ("yyyy mm month DD Day NBSP;HH:MM:SS"). Format (Newdate (Date)) ; N

iOS Development UI chapter-a simple Browser viewer program

button 130- (void) RightClick: (UIButton *) btn131 {self.i++;133 [selfchange];134}135 136//Left button 137-(void) Leftclick: (UIButton *) btn138 {139 self.i--;140 [self change];141}142 143- (void) didReceiveMemoryWarning144 {145 [Super didreceivememorywarning];146}147 148 @end(4) plist file(5) Achieve effectV. SupplementaryDevelopment ideas:1. Complete the basic function2. Consider performance(1) (Initialize operation, can call change directly)(2) because you want to control the number and pict

Android article-How to do a simple Android source code Viewer

"android:orientation= "Vertical"Tools:context= ". Mainactivity ">Android:id= "@+id/et_path"Android:layout_width= "Match_parent"android:layout_height= "Wrap_content"Android:hint= "Please enter view url"/>Android:layout_width= "Wrap_content"android:layout_height= "Wrap_content"android:onclick= "click"android:text= "View"/>Android:layout_width= "Match_parent"android:layout_height= "Wrap_content" >Android:id= "@+id/tv_result"Android:layout_width= "Match_parent"android:layout_height= "Match_parent"an

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