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UTC time zone table (. NET)

  Recently, I fixed a cross-Time Zone bug in the project. To fix this bug, it really takes a lot of effort. It seems that the main reason is that the development tasks do not involve this concept in normal times, and the test case for testing the

Get the time zone in the current system

usingSystem;usingSystem.Collections.ObjectModel;usingSystem.Linq;namespaceconsoleapplication1{classProgram {Private Static voidMain (string[] args) { Try{readonlycollection zones =Timezoneinfo.getsystemtimezones (); Console.WriteLine

How to practice for 10,000 hours

The first one to move someone else's, in fact, because I feel that this theme is the basis of all personal progress. The original homepage may also be worth reading: after reading outliers seems to be a long

Try to stick to your 10,000-hour tour

What happens if we deliberately take pains to do something? When I slack off, I'll think about this for 10,000 hours!With the popularity of the bestseller "Alien", the slogan "Practicing 10,000 hours of genius" is now known. There may still be a lot

[Turn] How to practice 10,000 hours

Is it difficult to do things in the world? For this, it is easy for those who are difficult to do so, and those who are not are also difficult.There's no genius. We are all ordinary people. Some diligent, some lazy. Some of them are less effective

How to practice for 10,000 hours

(Source: Fan in the wild)With the popularity of the bestseller "Alien", the slogan "Practicing 10,000 hours of genius" is now known. There may still be a lot of people who believe that the genius of the not-so-born will have innate mystical ability,

Raid Disk Array Technology

Aid DefinitionRAID (Redundant Array of independent disk independent redundant disk array) technology is the University of California, Berkeley, 1987It was initially proposed to combine small and low-cost disks to replace large and expensive disks.

How to practice 10 thousand hours

With the popularity of the best-selling book "heterogeneous", the slogan "exercise 10 thousand hours into a genius" is now widely known. There may still be a lot of people who believe that the genius will have the inherent mysterious ability, but

Simple and effective scientific brain-strengthening method

Can practice brain can enhance memory, often do aerobic exercise can increase the gray matter, diligent thinking can make sense and emotion organically complementary.These measures look beautiful, but the drawback is that they do not have enough

AWS Free Tier

AWS Free TierReprinted from: HTTPS://AWS.AMAZON.COM/CN/FREE/?SC_CHANNEL=PS&SC_CAMPAIGN=ACQUISITION_CN&SC_PUBLISHER=BAIDU&SC _medium=cloud_computing_b&sc_content=aws_e&sc_detail=%d1%c7%c2%ed%d1%b7aws&sc_category=cloud_

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