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Is it time to cancel the sprint review meeting?

The Sprint Review Conference has long been an important part of scrum, a mechanism for the team to get feedback on the product increments that are delivered by the iteration. At the Sprint review meeting, the product owner determines the priority of the next sprint's require

[Best practices] In the agile scrum software development model, how do we start a sprint planning meeting?

In the agile development framework of scrum, the most important part is the Sprint plan meeting. If the meeting fails, the whole sprint will make the scrum team suffer and it is difficult to complete the initial sprint goal. After several attempts, we finally found our own m

Three scrum Ceremonies: Sprint planning, sprint review, and scrum daily site

Scrum has three ceremonies: Sprint planning meetings, sprint review meetings, and scrum daily meetings Sprint Planning Meeting (sprint planning meeting) Prepare for the start of the

Scrum Sprint plan MEETING

ensure that it can be obtained. Who are expected to be absent (for example, on vacation) Make sure the room environment is suitable for group discussion Everyone can obtain the results of the last sprint review meeting and sprint review

Scrum Sprint planning Meeting

expected Who is clearly absent from the team (e.g. vacation) ensure room environment is suitable for group discussions everyone can get the results of the last Sprint review meeting and the Sprint review meeting the

Development Management checklists (18)-agile development scrum Sprint plan meeting I

meeting, the Team will decide what they can deliver.Basic requirements:Only a team member can determine how many backlog entries the team can receive in the current sprint.Ii. Meeting TimeIn a sprint, this meeting takes 60 minutes each week. Hold the meeting in the morning,

Agile Software Development Practice-sprint Setup Meeting

this, the advantage is that I deal directly with customers, I can get the first-hand information about the needs and get a more precise understanding of what they really need, but the disadvantage is that as onsite coordinator, he is very tired, because he has to open 2 meetings, and once is to understand all, the second is to be the content of the "copy" To offshore team, so need coordinator itself has a certain level of technology, he can always grasp the essence of things, but also have good

Today's--sprint planning meeting

A. Sprint Requirements: Unlocking Reminders Section Interface design Login function Memo function Achievement System Two Job Claim:Because there are members leave home, so deferred claim, the main task is to learn how to develop and build a development environment on the Andriod platform.Online collection of reference code, and practical operation exercises.Three Daily standing meeting t

Scrum review meeting

In scrum, The Sprint plan meeting is the most important event, and the second important event is the review meeting, because this is the best time for the team to make improvements. If you do not review it, you will find that the team is making the same mistake again. After

152 Sixth Sprint Planning meeting

Sprint Planning Meetingmeeting time: 8 pm 16:00Meeting Venue: DormitoryConference Process? First, we discuss some of the tasks that need to be done to complete the volleyball scoring rules: initial design of the program, data analysis, typical users , scene, code writing, code review, work progress. ? then the realization of the basic function is discussed, and the work is claimed by the Division of labo

Sprint Meeting Minutes (group fifth)

meeting Time : 12/8 14:00meeting Venue : DormitoryConference Process:* First we discuss the function of the first Sprint1 of the experiment: Volleyball rules analysis, game detail process, game character analysis,* After that is the claim of the mission,* finally each person estimates his or her task and makes an appointment for the time and place of the next meeting (12/15 14:00).The backlog of the teamIni

A simple way to play a sprint review session

Original Mike CohnHow do I get back to the meeting? Different teams, everyone's approach may be different. I would like to introduce one of my favorite ways, especially since this method has withstood the test of time, and for many years I have used it in many, many teams.Start/stop/ContinueI like to ask team members at a sprint review

Review and summary of software engineering--sprint 1

topic: "What have we done in this sprint?" What's the next plan? " Sprint Summary: In this sprint, this is the first time members of our team started a team project development in the form of a team, as early as the first team meeting, we had a long time because of the problem of the team topic, after 2 discus

Scrum Review Meeting

At the end of the sprint cycle, a review meeting is required to have the team present the completed functionality to the product owner and stakeholders. Most of the practice of sprint audits is for team members to demonstrate functionality, to answer stakeholder questions about presentations, and to document desired ch

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