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Go Introduction to SQLITE3 C Language interface API functions

Introduction to SQLITE3 C Language interface API functionsDescription: This document belongs to the author from the contact SQLite began to understand the use of API functions, from my translation, constantly updated./*2012-05-25*/IntSqlite3_open

Sqlite3 C language interface API function Introduction

Note: This document describes the usage of API functions recognized by the author since his access to SQLite. This document is translated and updated by myself. /* 2012-05-25 */ Int Sqlite3_open ( Const Char * Filename, /* Database file

Preliminary understanding and use of SQLite3 database Native C ++ encapsulation class (Unicode) CppSQLite3U

SQLite3 database NativeC ++ encapsulation class (Unicode) CppSQLite3U preliminary understanding and use by oblique drizzle QQ: 253786989 2012-02-12 (1) Http://www.sqlite.org/cvstrac/wiki? P = SqliteWrappers From the above URL, we can find the

Sqlite3 for wince or mobile (EVC)

On wince and mobile, SQLite development is still encapsulated in. NET Compact framework. In http://www.sqlite.org/cvstrac/wiki? P = sqlitewrappers can be used to find the SQLite encapsulation in various languages. The following describes how to use

C Programming Interface of SQlite database (2) database connection -- Reading Notes of Using SQlite

C Programming Interface of SQlite database (2) database connection by Drizzle QQ: 2537869892012-02-03 Library Initialization int sqlite3_initialize(void);int sqlite3_shutdown(void); Before using SQlite Library, you should first call the

C Programming Interface of SQLite database (3) prepared statement (Prepared statements) -- Reading Notes of using SQLite.

After the sqlite3 database is connected, you can execute the SQL command. The prepare and step functions described below are used to operate and execute SQL commands. Typical function operation process (pseudo code ): /* create a statement from an

CppSQLite3U usage summary, cppsqlite3u Summary

CppSQLite3U usage summary, cppsqlite3u Summary CppSQLite3U is a class for operating sqlite3 that can be used by encapsulated MFC. I wrote a copy of it myself, but later I always felt that it was not mature enough to modify the code and felt that it

"SQLite" 1 start

Describe:is the database engine, C-based, so you need to compile ahead to runBasic file: sqlite3.c sqlite3.h shell.cCompile command Http://www.sqlite.org/howtocompile.html#amalThe following list lists the main directoriesDynamic allocationSQLite

C + + packaged SQLite instance < three >

The previous blog describes how to get the contents of a table based on the sqlite3_get_table () function, which is a list of the contents of a single brain that is stored in a one-dimensional array, which has been introduced in the rules. The next

IOS Development Guide 11th data Persistence SQLite Learning

1 SQLite is a database with no data type, or a field without a specified type. But from a programming specification, you should specify the data type in the CREATE TABLE statement: Interger signed integer type REAL floating-point type TEXT String

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