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Want to make an Android APP that wants to learn about the technology of server-side development in mobile development, and what frameworks and technologies are used in Python development?

I know less about the development of the service side, do not know what the heroes recommend to learn what technology, read what books, or good advice? And what technologies and frameworks are used in the current mainstream app service, and what frameworks and technologies are used in Python development? Thank you for your answer first! Reply content:General apps

Service-side Swift

Original: Hello Server Side SwiftLogan WrightTranslator: cocoachina--kmyhy (blog)Since Apple officially released a swift Linux open source version, The Service-side Swift has finally ushered in an exciting prospect. My curiosity is finally out of control, it's time to try th

Syhunt: Google V8-server-side JS injection invulnerable web apps

File Inclusion, etc (known as the PHP Top 5 https://www.owasp.org/index.php/PHP_Top_5). With the rising adoption of server-side JavaScript, we can expect server-side JS injection vulnerabilities caused by unvalidated user input to become prevalent, and the techniques for exploiting them, commonplace. At Syhunt, we alr

JSON (II): JSON processing of the server side and the client

, then how does the client accept and display the data? Let's take a look at how the client uses JavaScript to work with JSON -formatted data. assume that the JSON data returned by the server is the above:{"Name": "Michael", "Address":{"City": "Beijing", "Street": "Chaoyangroad", "Postcode": 100025}}We can see how the client will represent the JSON data to the user through a simple JavaScript method:by simply assigning it to a JavaScript variable, you

PHANTOMJS is a WebKit-based server-side JavaScript API

PHANTOMJS is a WebKit-based server-side JavaScript API that is published based on the BSD open source protocol. PHANTOMJS supports the web without browser support, and natively supports a variety of web standards such as DOM processing, JavaScript, CSS selectors, JSON, canvas, and Scalable Vector graphics svg. Phantomjs is mainly through JavaScript and Coffeescript control the WebKit CSS selector, Scalable

Picture file upload request payload on server side how to receive

(Note: The label hit the segmengtfault automatically help me to submit to the Sub-station question and answer up, no one, so rewrite it here once)In the study of Segmentfault file uploads, it is observed that the request has been constructed as follows: Would you like to ask what you can do with a ready-made library for a request that is constructed in accordance with the standard RFC 1867, on the server side

Front-end and server-side (routing)

Routing (front-end): Principle: Only a few XHR requests, you can implement the page flicker-free change URLFront:1. Ajax assumes data communication and relative logic (interactive logic)Ajax interacts with the URL to make the changes in the data interaction reflect the changes in the URL.Allows users to save URL links and restore previous content (including changes to Ajax local refreshes)Server side:1. Ass

WebService's HelloWorld, the server side and the client's demo (GO)----themselves to build Web project, not web Service project, and use WSDD to publish

WebService HelloWorld, server-side vs. client demohttp://blog.csdn.net/angus_17/article/details/8032856The sudden rise of today, want to learn webservice, and then look for information, did a simple demo. Record it for later use.First of all, first of all, say something theoretically.WebService is an advanced application that differs from struts, Spring, hibernate, and other

With PHP to do server-side development involves what knowledge points, open source projects can be referenced?

With PHP to do server-side development involves what knowledge points, open source projects can be referenced? Reply content: With PHP to do server-side development involves what knowledge points, open source projects can be referenced? This question is a bit big, see what you want to do, first you need to unde

Make ASP. NET JS authentication and server-side double authentication simpler

to get the form rule for background verification. (Can improve performance with cache quality)RealizeBackground code:Store form rules by Getinitscript and assign values to viewstate["Intisript" to the foreground bindingsThe foreground call as long as the binding viewstate["Intiscript"] (in fact, do not write anything, to ensure that the element name and viewState consistent on it):  viewstate["Intiscript"] will generate a script for HTML elements to add the pattern, placeholder and Requierd pro

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