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Discuz! X3 database dictionary and database table usage

The following is how to organize Discuz! X3.0 database dictionary. The table name is divided into three parts, which are separated by the following line. The following example uses pre _ as the prefix. In the middle, such as common, forum, connect,

Database (MySQL) Table basic Operations

database table Basic Operations After thinking, finally the name of the blog changed to the basic operation of the database table, formerly called the SQL statement Daquan, feeling with "Daquan" this noun is too big, and the

Create Database and table using command line

From: 0. Create a database tableMysql> create database if not exists my_db default charset utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci;# Pay attention to the following sentence "COLLATE utf8_general_ci", which

ORACLE database, instance, table space, user, database object

Oracle is a database management system, which is a relational database management system. Usually we call the "database", contains the physical data, database management system, memory, operating system of the composition of the process, refers to

Database Table Structure Extension Based on purexml Technology

December 21, 2007 At the beginning of the delivery and use of information systems, the database table structure is often designed with clear logic structures and the management usersHowever, when the information system project is running for a

Integrity and consistency problems caused by database/table sharding

ArticleDirectory Solution 3 1. Process of splitting file batches In a recent project, because the amount of data calculated every day is too large, databases need to be stored in sub-databases. When the data is distributed to

Several methods to optimize the design of Oracle Database and table

The ORACLE tutorial is: several methods to optimize the design of Oracle database tables. Preface Most Oracle Database performance problems are caused by unreasonable Database design. Only a small number of problems are rooted in the unreasonable

Problem solving strategy of MySQL database sub-Library sub-table technology

MySQL Database sub-Library sub-table scheme, once the database is too large, especially when the write is too frequent, very difficult to be supported by a host, we will still face the expansion bottleneck. At this point, we have to find other

Implementation principle of DB database horizontal segmentation-Database Sharding, table sharding, master/slave, cluster _ MySQL

Implementation principle of DB database horizontal segmentation-Database Sharding, table sharding, master/slave, cluster, and server load balancer Chapter 2 Introduction With the popularization of Internet applications, the storage and

Web DAY16 database integrity constraints, MySQL coding issues, backup and recovery, multi-table queries

Constraints* The constraint is added to the column, to constrain the column!1. PRIMARY KEY constraint (unique identifier)Non-empty * * *Unique * * *Quoted * * * ** When a column of a table is designated as the primary key, the column cannot be empty

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