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Gaussian projection positive and Inverse Calculation

// Gaussian projection positive and Inverse Calculation///// Bandwidth of 6 degrees 54 years Beijing Coordinate System// Gaussian projection inverse returns the geocoordinate (including band number, unit: metres) from the latitude and longitude

Gaussian projection positive and inverse code

  // Gaussian projection positive and Inverse Calculation // 6-degree bandwidth 54-year Beijing coordinate system // Gaussian projection by latitude and longitude (unit: dd) returns the geocoordinate (with a number, unit: metres) void gaussprojcal

ASP common mathematical Functions Abs Atn Cos etc detailed details

Name Abs Category Mathematical functions Prototype Abs (number) Parameters Must be selected. The number argument is a valid numeric expression of any type "Return value" Type of same number "Exception/Error" No Description Returns the absolute value

Basic trigonometric functions and applications

1. Coordinate system:Flash coordinate system and mathematical coordinate system: the X axis is the same, and the y axis is the opposite.[Mathematical coordinate system][Coordinate system in Flash]2. Conversion between Angle and Radian:(1) radians:

Image processing--color transform inverse color processing

Study Dip 69th DayReprint please indicate the source of this article:Http://blog.csdn.net/tonyshengtan , out of respect for the work of the author, reprint please indicate the source! Article code is hosted, Welcome to

Gnuplot Introductory Tutorials 3__ Math software

constants, operators, and functions Digital Gnuplot that numbers can be divided into integers, real numbers and complex numbers: Integer: Gnuplot is the same as the C language, with 4 byte stored integers. It can represent an integer between 2147483

PHP Math function Summary (classic worthy collection), PHP worth collecting _php Tutorial

PHP Math function Summary (classic worth collecting), PHP is worth collecting This paper summarizes and analyzes the mathematical operation function of PHP. Share to everyone for your reference, as follows: First, the common function

Android Custom Arc Tick Selector

The ARC scale selector implemented by custom view is implemented during Android development with the following effect.Demo effectOne, measurement:First, in the Onmeasure method, the width, center, and radius of the current view are obtained by

Introduction to postgresql--Mathematical functions

1. Mathematical FunctionsMathematical functions are mainly used to deal with numerical data, the main mathematical functions are: absolute value function, trigonometric function (including sine function, tangent function, cotangent function, etc.),

SQL Server functions full solution < two > math functions

Mathematical functions are mainly used to deal with numerical data, the main mathematical functions are: absolute value function, trigonometric functions (including sine function, cosine function, tangent function, cotangent function), logarithmic

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