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How to delete the message of micro-group messages? Message deletion method of micro-signaling group

Method One 1. Login to "micro-letter" and then find "micro-letter Group chat" click it into 2. Then enter the corresponding group chat interface, we click on the upper right corner of the "group Chat settings" as shown in the following figure. 3. You can now click "Empty chat Record" in the Open interface. 4. Click OK to clear. Method Two 1. The abo

Mobile QQ How to delete messages? Mobile QQ Delete Message method

1. If we are in the mobile phone login QQ will see a lot of various kinds of news. 2. If there are too many, we can search the search function above 3. The search to the message we want to delete also simple as long as the deletion of the QQ message will pop up a delete button, we click

Oracle10g add or delete a log Group

group, in this case, a conflict occurs and the database is suspended. The preceding error message is always written to alert. log. Oracle provides the following suggestions: Add additional log group Increase size of redo logs ######################################## ################# Select * from v $ log; Select bytes/1024/1024 from v $ log; Select * from v $ l

ZP's ExtJS study notes (iii)--development of the Mailbox Function (Button event, dropdown box, paging, record small icon, entire data format processing, timed refresh, record check Delete, group)

As usual, paste first:I am more satisfied, a short time to develop the mailbox function, which is the Inbox, there are matching Outbox and delete boxes.Simple idea:1, configuration model, store, with the MVC model, can refer to the first study notes.2. Simple layout of the page:Ext.define (' KitchenSink.view.mail.InBox ', {extend:' Ext.grid.Panel ', alias:' Widget.inbox ', Xtype:' Inbox ', Autoheight:true, Bodystyle:' width:100% ', Autowidth:true, req

"Share" Oracle delete duplicate data leave only one message

Tags:httparsp data div ampadbsef Query and delete duplicate records of SQL statement 1, find redundant records in the table, duplicate records are based on a single field (ID) to determine the select * from table where Id in (the Select ID from table group Byid having count (ID) > 1) 2, delete redundant records in the table, duplicate records are based on a singl

thinkPHP5.0 use form form to submit data and delete articles without the tip page of TP, use pop-up hint message

information1 $validate = \think\loader::validate (' article '); 2 if ($validate->scene (' Update ')->check ($data)) {34 } Else {5 $msg $validate-GetError (); 6 Php_alert ($msg, ' Error ',false); 7 }Second, delete articles, administratorsBack-end encapsulation function, because the page will jump when the data is deleted, the page does not have the Sweetalert plug-in related files, so to output the introduction of related files1 /**2 * Custom

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