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Application localization-Country Code introduction (ISO 3166-1)

Develop multi-language applications ProgramGenerally, countries are used. Code(The Chinese domain name suffixes in different countries are also named after this), such as CN in China, us in the United States, and FR in France. These country codes

1.4 non-numerical information and encoding

1. Common Code for decimal number Commonly used code of the decimal number includes 8421bcd code, remaining 3 code, and Gray code. The encoding principle is to convert the decimal 0 ~ 9. Each of the 10 Base numbers uses a 4-bit binary code instead

Computer knowledge that programmers should understand (3)-Information Representation and coding

Introduction We have briefly introduced the binary number system. We will not go into detail here. The computer can only recognize binary systems. We know that a computer is composed of multiple electronic components, and the electronic components

Just floating around---a naked speech from a three-month-old Java programmer

Note: This is not a technical article, but a record of my experience in the past few months into the job, bare words, look for work in the mind course, a brief introduction of a blogger, I was a 16 graduate, the school recruit into a Beijing company,

Detailed Jiu Zheng The expression of the digital verification _ regular Expression

This blog post will introduce some commonly used digital verification methods, including integer verification, domestic phone number verification, ID number verification, as well as IP address verification, and so on authentication methods, if you

[Original] "Gao Qi poetry three hundred, Yue Xue Yu wow" series of notes (long-term updates), Gao Qi Poetry

[Original] "Gao Qi poetry three hundred, Yue Xue Yu wow" series of notes (long-term updates), Gao Qi Poetry [Copyright statement] Reprint-non-commercial-non-derivative-keep signature (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0) [Posting date] December 22, 2015 @ happy little

Mobile, Unicom, and telecom SIM in Android applications

International Mobile User identification code (imsi) International Mobile Subscriber Identity The number assigned by a mobile user is uniquely identified internationally. Technically speaking, imsi can completely solve the problem of international

Overview of route table search algorithms for Internet routing-Hash/LC-trie tree/256-way-mtrie tree

Note: There is no source code analysis in this article. However, I think it is more useful to understand the essence than to understand the source code, because after understanding the essence, you may not need to look at the source code again, you

C # Chinese identity card verification

Blackphoenix published The 2008-2-19 C # Chinese identity card verification, including the Province verification and Verification code validation, in line with the gb11643-1999 standard ... It's written today. C # Chinese identity card

"Code" after reading notes--14th to 25th chapter

Feedback and TriggersThe oscillator does not require human intervention to be able to independently and continuously achieve disconnection and closure. All computers rely on some kind of oscillator to make other parts work synchronously.When two

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