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Android Wear development: Creating wearables apps-Creating wearable apps

. However, in order to develop the application, you can also install directly on the wearable device application. Wearable apps can access much of the standard Android APIs, but don ' t support the following APIs: Wearables apps can access more standard Android APIs, in addition to the following APIs:

15 Android Wear apps should not be missed (1)

15 Android Wear apps should not be missed (1) Android Wear unveiled Google I/O this year. Android Wear uses the Android L operating sys

Android Wear-creative Vision for Android Wear (creative vision)

about recommendations and requirements)Android wear is like a very witty personal assistant: it knows your preferences, it interrupts you only when it is necessary, and it always offers a quasi-good answer in your hand. Android Wear is superior, humble and responsive.Zero or low interaction (0 or lower interaction)Fol

Idea builds Android Wear development environment, Android Wear,i ' m comming!

With Google releasing Android Wear and then having Samsung's Gear,lg G Watch and Moto 360, Apple has released Apple Watch, and there may be another war in the smart watch industry in the future. Of course, this is only the author's personal views, for reference only.As a developer, of course, it is only the development of watches, so let's build the Android

IDEA builds the Android wear development environment, Android wear, I & #39; m comming !, Androidcomming

IDEA builds the Android wear development environment, Android wear, I'm comming !, Androidcomming With google releasing android wear and Samsung gear, LG's G watch and moto 360, apple released apple watch, there may be another war

Android Wear-app Structure for Android Wear (application structure)

Original address: user is accustomed to clicking on the icon to launch the app, but Android Wear is not the same. A typical wear application inserts a card into the stream at the right moment in a situation. This card may contain a button for quick interaction

Android Wear Development-card notifications-first section: Adding Android Wear notification features

I. Preface descriptionAndroid Wear most of the display form is the form of cards, and the simplest way to support Android Wear is to use the notification **notification**. To achieve the simplest, non-highly customizable notifications, you only need to do some processing on the phone side, do not need to develop the watch end application, it can be said that the

Android Wear performs voice interaction on Wearable devices. Android Wear

Android Wear performs voice interaction on Wearable devices. Android Wear Receive voice input in notification If you create a notification on your mobile phone that includes a behavior, such as an action such as replying to an email, an activity usually appears for the user to input, but then in the wearable device, t

Android Wear Development-card Notifications-section II: Custom Wear card styles

I. Preface descriptionAdd the Android Wear notification feature in the previous section we have implemented a simple Android Wear card extension, but the default number of cards provided to us can only achieve a simple text display, if you want to customize the layout, add pictures and so on, you need the knowledge of

How to develop Android Wear app

(IDE) for Android Wear. Google recommends using Android studio for development. Download API (4.4 KitKat Wear) via the Android SDK Manager:Android Studio provides a convenient way to add Android

Android Wear Android wearable device application development platform

. After opt-in, it could take up to $ hours for the Android Wear P review app to being accessible to your in Google Play. Make sure the Opt-in user account was the same user signed in to Google Play. Refer to the Android Wear developeRGet StartedPAGe for details. Since This was a preview release, pl

Android Wear Android wearable device application development platform

Hello Developer,Thank signing up for the Android Wear Developer Preview.To Begi N Developing on Android Wear, you'll need the preview support library and the Android Wear Preview app for your mobile Devic

[Android Wear] android wearable device Moto 360 evaluation and development analysis, Android android

[Android Wear] android wearable device Moto 360 evaluation and development analysis, Android androidPreface: I just bought Moto 360 yesterday. This is the best Android wearable device that the landlord has seen so far, a round watch: BesBuy and the official website are all s

Android Wear: Google Glass enters the Cold palace

some basic questions and send messages to friends using voice.Rapid handling notification Here Wear solves a problem that many Glass users complain about. To be compatible with an independent app, Glass needs to be re-developed, and Android Wear can be automatically compatible with all apps, including third-party

Build an Android Wear application with depth and flexibility

flexibility. Based on this, it allows developers to use familiar APIs to create usable, programmable, and imaginative applications that can run directly on the watch. In the spirit of Android open source, you have the freedom to continually improve the user experience, including the creation of custom dials. You have three main building experiences: apps, custom dials, and notifications.ApplicationApplicat

What is the effect of an Android wear upgrade or a sniper Apple Watch?

phone.As for allowing the smart watch to run independently of some basic programs, it is clear that the imitation of the apple. Jeff Chang, chief product manager of Android Wear, said that Wi-Fi was supported to ensure that the Android Wear device could continue to work when the user left the phone. Continuous operati

Android Wear Timer Development _android

Remember that in December 2013, there was a series of articles about how to develop a smart watch app that allows users to record stopwatches time in football matches. With the advent of Android Wear, it's a good idea to develop one of these apps in wearable devices, but it seems difficult to understand the architecture of the

A big game: Android wear to be the user's only inbox

can only select the dial in the system, developers can not develop alone. Now there are fewer dials in the phone, Samsung Gear Live has 12, G Watch has 20, Google said it will be updated in a timely manner. Isn't it very unlike Google open-source style?To unify not fragment, the most obvious embodiment is the product positioning. If Android smartphones are open multitasking, G watch and Gear Live are more like uniform or even unique inboxes worn on t

Android Wear Software Evaluation: smart phone supporting software is not good (1)

Android Wear Software Evaluation: smart phone supporting software is not good (1) BKJIA Translation: although still unable to operate independently from the mobile phone, it has already brought us a very good notification information processing mechanism. A glance at Google wearable devices Whether you believe it or not, Google has been using its glasses to gain a dominant position in the wearable device

Bluetooth real-Computer debug Android Wear app & real-computer uninstall debugging app

Wearable devices What's the market, Outlook, analysis, pigs and tuyere, etc... What what the Mandarin will not wordy, another day to change the role of XX spray, today record a technology paste backup.First, the environmentOperating system: Mac OS X 10.10.1Development environment: Android Studio 1.0.2 (Mac Edition)Watch Equipment: Moto 360Mobile device: Meizu MX4Watch system: Ticwear v1.0.7 (Android

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