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Game Engine architecture: URL list

1.4.1. first-person shooters (FPS)Http:// 1.4.2. platformers and other third-person gamesHttp:// 1.4.3. Fighting gamesHttp:// 1.4.4. racing

D3.js Drawing a pie chart

DOCTYPE HTML>HTMLclass= "Um landscape min-width-240px min-width-320px min-width-480px min-width-768px min-width-1024px"> Head> title>title> MetaCharSet= "Utf-8"> Metaname= "Viewport"content= "target-densitydpi=device-dpi,

Instagram-color revelation

Pinterest was created in 2010. As of May 2011, the company had only four employees, including its founder. Pinterest was originally a website with several theme walls for users to share images. In July 2010, the first round of financing was awarded $

Sina Weibo client development step 1

PS: the content has been updated, see: /? P = 69 1. Obtain the "pass" app key and app secret required for application development First, you must have a Sina account. Open account number. Click"I am

UbuntuLinux Common commands

The following are some commands and solutions to some minor problems collected by Linux cainiao over the past few months, this is mainly for birds who are more than me. the writing is messy. There are both wiki and Forum content, but I 'd like to

Common open Source messaging systems

The role of messaging systems: asynchronous processing, cutting spikes, and reducing coupling between components.Select the messaging system to consider the following aspects of your business needs: is persisted Throughput capacity

What are the fields of computer graphics research?

Computer graphics may have different goals in each field, but the final form is to render (that is, to draw) the image on a two-dimensional display device. The following is a simple (perhaps not complete) classification:? computer graphics-areas and

About distributed transactions

A few days ago saw an optimistic lock and pessimistic lock blog, read about the optimistic lock and pessimistic lock discussion and some examples in the real project, also caught my desire to write a blog, since optimistic lock and pessimistic lock

Kinect's Learning Notes development (i) Kinect Introduction and application

Kinect's Learning Notes development (i) Kinect Introduction and application[Email protected]Http://, the Kinect brief introductionKinectfor Xbox 360, referred to as Kinect, is developed by Microsoft. Peripherals that apply

Training Deep Neural Networks

Http:// in Training deep neural NetworksPublished: The Oct Category: deep_learning TutorialsPopular Training approaches of Dnns?—? A Quick Overview

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