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Lync 2013 is integrated with exchange 2013 um & UC!

?? After setting the dial-up plan, we set the extension number to four digits: Set the access number to 5000:  Set the automatic assistant number to 6000:  Modify um dialing mode to dual mode:Set-umservice-identity exchangeserver-dialplans

Lync tips-34-enabling um in batches through the URI of lync server 2013

1. batch-Modify-user-dial Policy SLAVE: Before um is enabled, the strip policy in lync server 2013 is also critical. If you didn't want it before, modify it as follows. Get-csuser-ou "ou = I-X-cloud, Dc = I-X-cloud, Dc = com"-filter {lineuri-like

Implement high-availability services on Linux

Article Title: implement high-availability services on Linux. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open

Secure network access to MySQL database server

mysql| Security | access | server | data | database | Network MySQL security system is flexible. It allows you to set user access rights in many different ways. Typically, the grant and REVOKE statements are used to modify the authorization table

Upgrade Exchange Server SP1 to SP3 version related issues workaround

When you upgrade the Exchange Server SP1 to SP3 version, if you have a UM role installed, you need to uninstall the language party package before it occurs because of a problem with the package, and then upgrade the following method:1. Perform the

Plan the road map for the new deployment

Before continuing to deploy Microsoft ExchangeServer2010, we recommend that you read this topic to help your organization prepare for deployment. Exchange Organization Planning Before deploying Exchange2010, the existing infrastructure must meet

Ajax cross-Domain call solution for ASP. NET MVC or WEBAPI services

Problem descriptionWhen cross domain calls the services written by ASP. NET MVC or the ASP. NET Web API, an inaccessible condition occurs.How to Reproduce Create one of the simplest ASP. NET Web API projects with a template and debug to

Deploy Exchange Server 2010 graphics and text tutorials on Windows Server 2008 R2 _win Server

These two products are the second half of 09 Microsoft launched a heavy product, are 64-bit architecture, and its function and performance far beyond its earlier version, there is no longer to do this content too much description. The combination

Learn about UC (1) Microsoft Lync Server from scratch

Microsoft UC Products (Exchange Server and Lync Server) are products that learn Microsoft technologies that must be known, understood, and expertly deployed in an enterprise-class unified communications platform. In view of this, I started learning

Exchange Server 2016 VII: Architecture

The new Exchange Server 2016 has been combined with 2013 of the front-end roles on a single service, and the reduced architecture has changed the 16 highly available architecture! Let's take a look at what the architecture in Exchange 2016 looks

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